Friday, 22 June 2012

Chou Style: The Body (with update on 30 Nov 2012)

Tonight's post is prompted by the recent unveiling of His Royal DIAOness' impressive pecs and washboard abs as seen in that pic above...which has resulted in not a few fans hyperventilating and squealing in delight, I'm sure. *grins*
When I can find a nicer and more close-up shot, I'll post it here. ;)

Heh...I was going to write about his talkshow or Pandamen but wth, this topic is waaay more interesting, don't you think? 

Anyway, as I mentioned in a previous post, Jay was not above taking off his shirt in his early years. Perhaps he was advised by his record company to do so. Or he just had no qualms whatsoever, being somewhat young and naive.
As you can see in the pic below, taken from one of his first concert showcases, that's a comfortably topless Jay playing piano and singing. He was sweating profusely and it seemed the most natural thing to!
He already had quite nice arms and pecs even then....definitely not scrawny. Probably a result of all that basketball practice!

Another shot:

From his Grandeur de D Majeur book:

And from the accompanying booklet on his Still Fantasy album:

He became more self-conscious subsequently, though...quote from today's article in the local paper:
"I took my clothes off because I was young and ignorant. That was why I put my clothes on after that."

However, he was not averse to sleeveless tops or open shirts showing a hint of his chest.

And even in The Green Hornet and The Viral Factor, both action-packed movies, he did not appear in tank tops or shirtless (although all his fans were hoping he would!).

He was also always fully dressed for his concerts, complete with jackets or coats of some sort.

Cut to the present and our man appears to have changed his mind about baring his bod....but on his terms, which is that it has to be a bod worth flaunting.
He has been working out at his BFF's gym over the past two months and the retrolicious look in that pic at the top is apparently for his upcoming movie, Secret 2 (tentatively titled 'Rooftop'), where he'll once again be acting in and directing.

This fangirl thinks he looks really hot (and cool!) in that get-up and nearly fell off her chair when she first saw it on Facebook!
His pecs and arms are just about nicely muscled ( I don't like overtly muscular types like what the bodybuilders have) and as for those abs...*hyperventilates*

Not surprisingly, there have been question marks over the 'realness' of that pic, with all the usual talk of Photoshop or camera tricks.
Jay has adamantly denied anything of that sort and knowing him, I'm certain that all those muscles are definitely genuine. It's just not in his nature to shortchange his fans and consent to any enhancements for an officially-released shot (by JVR).
He has promised that he'll wear a sleeveless top at the Golden Melody Awards tomorrow...and Jay is a man of his word.
I can't wait to see what he'll come up with!

Update on 24 June 2012:

Pic from weibo of Mr Chou working out... WOW! @@

Methinks we'll see him on the cover of Men's Health pretty soon!! ;)

NB: Update on 30 November 2012:

Check this out!!! *OMJ*

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