Tuesday, 3 June 2014

DIAOness Updates: GMA vid; Opus Zhengzhou; Meters/bonwe event, Hito awards; Opus 2 tickets!

1. GMA interview clip with Jay

A short video interview with Jay in the run-up to the Golden Melody Music Forum, at which he is scheduled to give a lecture about his songwriting:


Translation (rough):
"My first attendance at the GMAs was very memorable and unforgettable.
It was painful to wait for the results,
And when other people win, you have to be careful about your own facial expression.
Should you show disappointment? Or feel bad?
Or be happy for others?
It's a test for oneself.
Difficult to be so magnanimous.
A strange feeling.
To be there or not?
Would you regret if you did not?
GMAs are fair.
Finally came my chance to win when I was there.
I was very happy.
You will always be wondering if you're fortunate enough to win Best Singer; it is an expectation of oneself.
Even if I have won previously, I still hope to win again.
I like to be there to enjoy other singers' performances.
Love-hate relationship.
I would always want to win.
I don't know if it right or wrong for me to feel this way.
But at the very least, I want to do it for my fans.
If I win, I can proclaim loudly that the fans have been right to follow me
As such, every album has to have some sort of breakthrough.
I now like to put down roots.
It's impossible not to age.
But music as a legacy will go on.
So there will never be any regrets in making good music.

I feel very touched when I hear the fans singing along with me at the concerts.

Loss of freedom but the gains make up for it, when fans and media take note of your work.
Private life should be low profile/

Music is my life.
Like drinking water....can't live without it."


2. OPUS JAY ZHENGZHOU: 31 May 2014

Jay holding the gold microphone and the gold mic power bank, a piece of new merchandise!
Doesn't he look adorable with that pout??

It rained (again) at this venue.
Fans are starting to address him as the God of Rain....lol!

More pics here:

Some nice vids from the concert:

Song request from a courting couple:

Simple Love: (one of my absolute faves for his concerts...hope he sings it at OPUS 2 in Singapore!)

More on my youtube playlist:


3. Meters/bonwe store event in Yunnan: 1 June 2014

He looked simply BREATHTAKING!!!!
That tight white tee which showed off his nicely-muscular arms and that blue denim vest was such a nice touch!
And those shades....omg....the whole package was helluva sexy!

Vids from the event....so envious of the fans who got signed tees and his vest!


More pics:


4. 2014 Hito Awards

Jay won three awards!
Most Respected Artiste
Best Movie Song (You Are Everywhere)
Top Ten Songs (Ming ming jiu)

Vid of his acceptance speech since he could not be at the ceremony:

He says he's working on the new album!


5. Additional seats for OPUS 2 JAY in Singapore!

My friend caught this on TV.
The organisers are adding seats for OPUS 2 JAY!
This means that Jay is still in HIGH DEMAND!!!!
Pure awesomeness!!!


So those of you who have not got your tickets yet....well, you know what to do!
GO GO GO!!!!


Once again, I hope you guys are following me on the Facebook Page for Jay Chou Diaoness.
Lots to see and swoon over there in real time!



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