Tuesday, 27 May 2014

DIAOness Updates: OPUS 2 Beijing and GMA forum

OPUS 2 JAY came to Beijing on 24 May 2014, exactly one year after OPUS JAY in 2013!
How cool was that??

The fans, all 70,000 of them were ready to rock with Mr Chou, as he came back with an encore performance and what was meant to be a two-hour plus concert eventually stretched to more than three hours.
Gosh, I hope that will happen in Singapore too!

Here are some pics of the rehearsals:

And some of my faves from the concert:

More pics here:


Playlist of vids:


One particular segment was very special, when Jay picked up on a couple in the audience and let them request a song. The guy asked for Clear Day but Jay said he would be singing that anyway. As such, it was left to the lady who then requested for Love in BC!


Another fave part was Jay looking all handsome and cool in the Fight Dance/Rooftop/Secret segment:



And this evening, fans were treated to the announcement of Jay's involvement in the run-up to the Golden Melody Awards on 24 June 2014, at a forum where he will speak about creativity and composing.


*swoon swoon swoon*

He is such a shining example of all that has been amazing about Mandopop and it is indeed fitting that the GMA organisers have chosen him to be an ambassador and to speak on this topic at this 25th anniversary.
I'm sure Jay feels very honoured as well and it should be a most illuminating and insightful session.
I really hope there will be a video of this event to share with all of us who cannot be there.

Here's another swoonworthy photo of Jay to end off....just look at those arms!!! @@


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