Sunday, 11 May 2014

OPUS JAY: Changsha 10052014 & Mother's Day!

Take a good look at that photo.
(No, I'm not asking you to tell me about that cheeky smile and handsome face, which can be quite distracting but that's not the!)
Yup, those are raindrops in the background.
Reports of inclement weather had already come out in the afternoon yesterday when Jay was rehearsing and it brought to mind one of his concerts last year when his trusty bodyguard sheltered him with a huge umbrella when he was singing, of all songs, Clear Day.

There's Xia Banzhang taking care of our Jay as he rehearses.

The rain did not let up but the fans were clearly not going to let something like that stop them from attending a Jay Chou concert and making the best of it.
If anything, I'm certain they were more determined than ever to show Jay that their love and support for him would prevail in spite of the cold and wet weather.
After all, what are umbrellas and ponchos for??
Jay in return did not disappoint, as he gave them his all (as always!), singing some seldom-heard songs like Not The End Of The World and the charming devil gave a heartwarming rendition of Adorable Lady, which he dedicated to all the ladies in Changsha. *swoon*

Lang Zi Gao was back in action!

Brollies and ponchos out in full force! 


Adorable Lady and Clear Day, where he quipped that he hoped the latter song would make the rain stop. 

Not The End Of The World:

Listen To Mother's Words and Silence, the former song being all the more meaningful because today is Mother's Day! 

Some notable quotes from the concert:

"As long as you have me and my music, the world will not end."

"Please don't fall ill. Go home and take a hot bath."

"I hope that by singing this song (Clear Day), the rain will stop."

I heard there was no after-party and I'm not too surprised.
I'm pretty sure he has been quite tired out as he was in Beijing on Friday, shooting a commercial (or magazine story) and only got into Changsha on Saturday itself.

Here's a sneak peek at what he was involved in, which came with a quote about musicians having to be drifters: 

Guitar + sunglasses + shirt tucked out + nonchalant stance = COOLNESS
*swoon again*

Anyway, he has left Changsha and is headed home.

Take care, Jay!
I hope you had a nice hot bath after the concert too! 

And Happy Mother's Day to Grandma and Mama Chou, the original J-Girls!
No one else can compare to their awesomeness! 

And of course, on Mother's Day, one must listen to this song:

I shall end off with one of my most favourite shots of Jay and his Mum, which shows just how cool and sporting she is and how her only son turned out so awesome too. :)

Remember to show your love to your Mums all the time too! 


Jay managed to get back to Taipei in time to celebrate Mother's Day! 
(Heard that some of his crew were delayed.)

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