Sunday, 15 June 2014

Translation of Love and Be Friends event video

Remember this event in March?

Well, JVR released a nice video of the happenings there and my translations are below.
It is very heartwarming and I was almost crying...and watch for Jay's tears at 2:58 onwards.

I've more or less followed the Chinese subtitles. 

Boy: I'm drawing mountain animals for you. They are a little plump. I think you do not have much chances to see them. That's why I want to give you this.
Teacher: These children are very close to their animals which are very precious to them. As such, they want to give this precious gift to Jay, as a heartfelt gesture of thanks to their benefactor. As such, I felt very touched when I read it. 

Boy: Thank you, Brother Jay. For helping me to go to school.
Girls: We're very nervous. Afraid we'll say the wrong thing. Also shy. 
Girl holding heart: This is my first time meeting him. I'm very happy yet anxious. 
Boy: Very moving. His songs are very nice. He's also very handsome. 

Jay goes on stage.
J=Jay; C=compere; T=teacher; B=boy; G=girl 

J: I'm very happy to finally meet everyone.
C: Jay has been our benefactor for this fund over the past five years and has helped more than 1350 students. 
J: So many? But actually, I think it is not enough. I hope to help even more students. 
C: Really?? Let's give Jay a round of applause!
C: Because many of these students live very far away and not all are able to attend this event, we have chosen some of them to come and convey their gratitude to you here today. 

Videos from students are played.

T: Do you know who provides your monthly allowance of NTD600?
G: Yes. Uncle Jay Chou.  (at which Jay cannot help smiling)

G: When I grow up, I hope to help others like you have helped me.

Taichung school's visually-impaired students....I think Jay was visibly tearing up at this point. So was I. 

B: Big Brother Jay, we thank you and want to sing a song for you.

J: I was very touched. The best thing was that these kids want to help others in the same way when they grow up.

C: Many of the students have prepared questions for you today. 

Q1: How can you play the piano? May I take a photo with you?
Of course his request was granted! 
J: Regarding my piano playing, if I had not worked hard at it, I would not now be able to write songs.

Q2: How come you're so fantastic and can help so many students?
J: You can also be fantastic and help others in future, if you work hard.

Compere picks out thank-you cards from the board at the back of the stage.

Card: Thank you for giving us food to eat. I am your little fan, I want to watch Kung Fu Dunk.

C: Some of the students also want to thank you personally.

B(reading from card): Thank you for providing for us. We will study hard. May I have your autograph? 
C: After reading all that, all he wants is an autograph?
Boy gets an autographed album. 

G: Thank you for inviting us here. I have a dream. I hope you will come and visit us in our school and experience our lifestyle. Will you?
C: But he's very busy taking care of his restaurants. Jay Ge Ge , are you able to fulfill her wish?
J: Yes, I can! 
C: Very touching! 

G: Thank you for helping us. You are a very generous and good-hearted person. When I grow up, I will also help others like what you have done for me. When you have time, I hope you will visit our school.
J: Good!

G: Thank you for helping me in my education. I want to help others in future too. 

Girls crying...compere tells them not to!

C: Jay has a promise for us today. 

J: Five years have flown by. Let us continue for another five years. What do you think? 
Compere is awestruck and Jay proceeds to sign the 'cheque'. :)


For the record, Jay prefers to keep his charitable works low profile.
And this is quite possibly the first time he has been seen shedding tears.
He's a sweetheart. 

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