Thursday, 26 June 2014

Jay at GMA Global Music Festival and more ;)

*fangirl squeal*
Doesn't he look absolutely gorgeously handsome????

Teacher Jay took to the stage on 24 June 2014 at 7:30PM at the ATT Showbox to deliver his lecture on music-making and share his experiences as a songwriter with eight hundred music students and aspiring musicians. 
Dressed in an eclectic ensemble of black top, vest and scarf-tie combined with his signature printed pants, he was the epitome of Diaoness as he chatted with Matilda Tao, Gary Yang and his audience. But he did admit in the interviews that he was actually quite nervous before the event as this was a first for him. 

Link to a news article about the event: 

Playlist of vids from the event:

One of the best pieces of news from Jay was that his new album would be released in September! 
Can't wait! 


There was an interesting sidetrack from the lecture when news started appearing on weibo that Jay had actually talked about getting married to Hannah, which soon went viral and from what I gather, all the major news sites got in on it and reported on this matter.
However, a careful analysis of the vids show that Jay did not mention anything at the official Q&A session after the event.
What did appear soon, though, was an audio clip of what sounded like a reporter chatting with Jay and Matilda backstage, in which he kind of indicated he would get married before January 2015 and that he had not proposed yet. 
The thing is whether Jay knew it had been recorded or would be picked up by the media.
But as of now, neither Jay nor JVR has come out to refute any reports.
In fact, Jay was just at a PHANTACi Transformers party earlier this evening and I have mot received any news pertaining to this. 
So I'll take it that he is cool.


An update on FB has indicated that Jay was aware he was being recorded.
So that's a relief! 

Whatever the case may be, Jay and Hannah's relationship has been something of an open secret for the past three years already and it is only a matter of time before they tie the knot. 
Unsurprisingly, there was the usual outcry from broken-hearted Jay fans at this latest development but that is such an immature reaction.
Why can't they just be happy for Jay that he has found a special someone to be with and start a family of his own?
It's not like they stand any chance of becoming Mrs Jay Chou.
I also know many fans have been secretly hoping that Jay would get together with another singer whose name also starts with J.
But that is just not going to happen. 
So deal with it and move on.


I shall end with a most eye-popping pic of His Royal Diaoness looking all brawny and tough.
Heh...he looks like he's ready to bash any unsuspecting paparazzi who get in his! about removing that top, Mr Chou and dazzling us with your abs and pecs, in addition to your arms??

Well, it has been an exciting day and night but now, it's time for me to turn in. 

More about the PHANTACi party in a separate post.

Good night and sweet Jay dreams! 

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