Thursday, 12 June 2014

DIAOness Updates: Schools, night market, bike and basketball

Hi peeps!

After nearly a week of not much news, His Royal Diaoness literally burst back onto the scene with two amazing days (and nights!) of happenings and developments galore!
If you had been following me on the Facebook Page, everything was there, complete with reports and pics.


Our Jay spent two days travelling to outlying areas to visit four schools in Taoyuan and Xinzhu.
The journeys took him up to three hours or more into the mountainous regions where he met aboriginal students and joined them in their performances.
He has been supporting many underprivileged children since 2009 and it was during an event earlier this year that one student asked him to visit their school.
Jay said he would and indeed, he is a man of his word. :)

News clips:


So after a hard day's work at schools, what does our Jay like to do?

Visit the night market, of course!
Taiwanese night markets are a hubbub of activities and Jay loves walking through and playing those games.
He was spotted by sharp-eyed fans in Kaohsiung's Ruifeng market with Hannah and Lollipop F's A-wei and many immediately did the most logical thing....viz..whip out their phones to take photos and post them on weibo, which soon ended up on Facebook for people like me to squeal over and repost elsewhere. :)

I'm glad he is finally being less uptight about being seen with Hannah; note that she is not masked up. :)

He also enjoyed eating at the roadside stalls with Will and Hulk and was not deterred by the presence of certain pests of the insect kind. ;)
That's our down-to-earth Heavenly King for you!

Doesn't he look so cute??


Jay was definitely out to relax and have fun; he tried out a motorbike and played basketball as well!

Watch his fancy moves:


Jay loves this!
Can we invite him for a meal when he comes to Singapore??

For more pics, do hop on over to Jay Chou Diaoness on Facebook!

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