Wednesday, 18 June 2014

DIAOness Updates: Jay's school visits; Jayannah's day out!


If you remember from my last post about Jay meeting the children he has supported over the past five years, one prominent request from the kids was that he pay their schools a visit too see them and experience their lifestyle in the mountain regions of New Taipei City. 
It was a request which Jay had readily acceded to and as we all know, Mr Chou is a man of his word. In Chinese, that is referred to as 说到做到 (shuo dao zuo dao).

I had also written about his school visits in an earlier post, which had pics and news clips:

However, to their credit, JVR Music produced a nice video showcasing his activities over those two days and I shall post it here for your viewing pleasure:

I really enjoyed watching Jay interacting with the children and how at ease he was with them.
Not to mention having a simple meal with his staff in one of the classrooms.
He of course had to try out the traditional instruments and did so with his usual finesse and coolness. 
It is obvious that this Heavenly King has absolutely no airs nor diva attitude.
Love him so much! 

Just look at that adorable smile! 

To see more pics, hop on over to the Facebook Page:



Jay appears to be having a nice and relaxing time in Taiwan this past week, what with shopping in night markets, playing basketball, eating beef noodles and today, the big news which flooded the Net was about him spending the day out in Danshui yesterday with his Mum and Hannah! 

Pics appeared on weibo and pretty soon on Facebook, together with a report that the threesome had gone to a cafe in Danshui where alpacas were kept and had a great time taking photos with those adorable animals. 

NB: This is, however, not going to please the Taiwan SPCA, which has actually called for this cafe to close down as they feel it is not appropriate to keep the alpacas there. 
But that is a story for another post, if ever.

Meanwhile, take a good look at these photos:

NB: No masks! 
And wasn't Jay just being a typical man, engrossed in his own phone while his Mum and girlfriend entertained themselves taking photos with the!
However, he obviously could not stay out of it for long as he, too got into the photo-taking excitement eventually. ;)

All in, it was a very nice feel of family togetherness from those pics and many fans were delighted.
Some, however, sounded a little dejected about this further clarification of the Jay and Hannah status.
To them, I would say:
As long as Jay is happy with Hannah, that is what matters.
If you love and trust him, then be happy for him.  
He has been with her for more than three years.
Surely that shows how serious they are?
Get to know Hannah better, via various credible news reports and channels. 
But please ignore the trashy and gossipy stuff which often sensationalises trivial matters.
As far as I can see, she is filial, levelheaded, hardworking and also not the diva type or one who wants to play up her relationship with Jay.

As it is, I have set up a Page for Jayannah, where I post these news snippets, with links to other Pages related to Hannah.
Besides her work in Taiwan, I found that she is also involved with charitable organisations in Brisbane, Australia with her father and grandfather. 

I'll probably write a post about her soon, when I've organised all the information properly. ;)

Meanwhile, I have to say the news about their outing made my day....mainly because I was glad that Jay is definitely loosening up about his relationship with Hannah and even if that means I have to wait a little longer for a new album because he's busy  nurturing this relationship, you know what?

It's OKAY! 


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