Friday, 27 June 2014

Hannah Quinlivan

It has been a rollercoaster of emotions for many Jay Chou fans ever since the news broke about his impending nuptials. (See previous post)
Personally, I am very happy that he has become more and more forthcoming about his relationship with Hannah as it shows that he is serious about her and has decided that she is going to be Mrs Jay Chou. 
I myself am happily married and a mother of three. It gives me great joy to see Jay moving forward to another phase in his life; one in which he has indicated he is eager to embrace new roles, viz that of being a loving husband and responsible father. 

What saddens me, however, is how some fans outright reject this happy news, going all broken-hearted and weepy or worse, protesting about Jay's choice and decision and saying not-so-nice things about Hannah....even though he and Hannah have been together for three years and it's practically an open secret. Granted, he has never openly admitted that she is his girlfriend but he preferred to keep things low-key and I would presume, so did she. 

With all that in mind, I thought I'd write a little about the young lady who has captured His Royal Diaoness' heart, based on whatever information I have gleaned over the past three years' worth of news reports. 

Hannah Quinlivan was born on 12 August 1993 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the daughter of a Taiwanese mother and Australian father. She studied briefly in Taiwan but continued her schooling in Australia, until her teens when she came back to Taiwan. Being of mixed parentage, her looks are unusual and eye-catching and she gradually got into showbiz even as she was still a student.

Watch this vid of Hannah with Dad, Patrick on a gameshow in her midteens, I think.
Incidentally, her father speaks Mandarin fluently and it is a very entertaining segment indeed. 

I may be wrong but from what I understand, it was Jay's friends who introduced them to each other, circa 2010/2011 when she was working in Jay's fashion store, PHANTACi. 
I think their relationship evolved from there as they got to know each other better and spending time with their group of friends.
As we know, Jay's band of brothers are super loyal to him and likely to be fiercely protective as well.
So there were many reports of people like Xiaomai and Xuegao taking turns to use Jay's cars to pick her up or act as decoys to the pappz when they wanted to go out. 
I was fortunate to get into Jay fandom in 2011, which was when reports surfaced about him holidaying with her in France and speculations and judgements from fans and the media started flying around. 
I, too had my misgivings initially about their 14-year age gap but equally, I was optimistic and had faith that it would not matter if the two of them had the right chemistry and mindsets required to make the relationship work. Stranger things have happened after all. 

Anyway, more about Hannah....and her Dad. 

Here is a vid of her with her father at the Asia-Pacific Cities Summit in Taiwan last year:

Some pics of father and daughter:

She also has her own Facebook Pages and I found a fanclub Page for Brisbane as well:

She is involved with a charity for the hearing and speech-impaired, Hear And Say.

Check out Mr Quinlivan at the Kaohsiung marathon!
Jay better take some running lessons from Yuhao and keep up with his future!

Hannah is also the spokesperson for the high-end departmental store, Breeze Centre in Taipei.

Cool answers about Mother's Day gifts at a Breeze event:

She worked with Jay and friends in a 7/11 commercial in 2011.

She is also close to her Mum and has been seen shopping with her and there have been reports about her at Jay's tofu shop. :)

This is an interview in which I found her reply about her boyfriend's hair quite endearing:

A look at her room:

All in all, my impression of Hannah has been generally favourable as she appears to be discreet and well-behaved, as well as a filial daughter. 
She has her own career but has also managed to spend time with Jay and his friends and of course, Mama Chou, who reportedly is quite happy with her.

One of my favourite pics:

And note that Jay is finally opening up more and sharing with us gradually, for which we should be grateful. At least, he is not going to spring a surprise marriage on us (unlike some other well-known celebs).

Grocery shopping in December as cucumbers in matching outfitts, chains and masks. :)

Night market stroll with Hannah blissfully unmasked!

Family outing to Danshui....both without masks!!!

I think we'll be seeing more of them together in public from now on and can then appreciate better their interaction with each other. :)

Of course the media is going to town with this and now the next question occupying netizens and fans' minds is.....

How is Jay going to propose???
What new and creative way will His Royal Diaoness think of??

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