Monday, 30 December 2013

Top Ten Jay Chou Happenings in 2013

Hi all!

Looking back on my blog entries in the past year, it occurred to me that 2013 has been an INCREDIBLE year for His Royal DIAOness!

Here then is my own list of the highlights in his life (and mine!); some are single occasions, others are a whole constellation of events revolving around one theme.
Where appropriate, I shall insert links to the relevant posts.

In chronological order:

1. OPUS 12 promotion events

Album #12 was most aptly titled OPUS 12 and featured twelve tracks comprising his signature mix of ballads, zhong guo feng, rap, hiphop, R&B, collaboration with classical pianist, Lang Lang and a song he was very proud of, the theme from The Rooftop.

2. Jay's 34th birthday

I had a little celebration with some friends on 18 January with a special cake and a K-session.
And Jay had a very special cake from his staff too!

3. Beijing University lecture

For the first time in his life, Jay addressed an audience solo for about ninety minutes at Beijing University on 22 April and he impressed everyone with his disarming candour and humour as he told his life story and elaborated on his longstanding friendship with Will Liu.
Definitely one of my most favourite events ever!

4. OPUS JAY Shanghai

OPUS JAY kicked off on 17 May at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai and from then on, it was full steam ahead for Jay Chou's awesome concert tour!

5. OPUS JAY Singapore

Here in Singapore, we finally got our turn at having him on our shores for not just one night but THREE and boy, was it worth every single cent I paid for rocking with him on 6, 7 and 8 June!
Plus I also got to send him and his crew off at the airport on 9 June with the fanclub members!

6. The Rooftop

This shall be covered in a separate blog post about the Top Ten Rooftop Events in 2013 so watch for it!

7. Jay unwell

Well, this lot of news induced major heartache in many fans and a flood of dismayed comments were unleashed all over Facebook and weibo.
Thankfully, it all happened during his break in between concerts.

8. OPUS JAY Taipei and Hongkong

There were five OMG moments from Taipei but I shall highlight only two which I feel were THE best!

Teresa Teng


As for Hongkong....well, all I can say is that Jay rocked the Coliseum for nine nights and the guest stars were simply Moh Tuck Teng (Cantonese for 'cannot be topped')!

Julian Cheung Chilam

Kelly Chen

Joey Yung


Young and Dangerous and Angelababy

Coco Lee

Donnie Yen

Kenny Bee

Eason Chan

And I LOVED his singing in Cantonese!

Not to mention his Tornado kept the super typhoon away!

Loved this photo soooo much!

And this one....@@

9. Interview with Sisy

Jay was super cute and once again, candid and down-to-earth in his own way in this one-on-one interview with Sisy on 19 November.

10. Jayannah

And of course, in his own cool way, Jay happily went shopping with Hannah in mid-December, all togged up in mask and hoodie, yet being utterly nonchalant about the pappz taking their photos.
This was a first in the life of Jayannah and I was so proud of them. :)

So there you have them!

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down the Memory Lane of 2013 in Jay Chou's life. :)

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