Saturday, 7 December 2013

DIAOness UPdates: New album, PHANTACi, APFFA nomination and more

Hi all.

I hope you guys have been following the Facebook Pages as I post there very frequently 'cos it's so easy.

I shall share a few main points of interest over the past few days:

Update from JVR:

OPUS JAY will resume in April 2014. 
Mr Chou will be busy with recording a game show, various endorsement happenings and most importantly....
It is due for release in the first half of the year!!!!
No comments regarding wedding plans as yet. 
His friends say there's no hurry.
He'll be 35 from 18 January 2014 till 18 January 2015.
There's lots of time! 


It's not too surprising that the media is chasing after Jay for news about any wedding plans as there have been a couple of high-profile announcements recently from other artistes about their paramours.
And Jay's 35th birthday is fast approaching, hence the interest.

I'm way more excited about the new album, though and can't wait to experience another adrenaline rush of anticipating the broadcast of the new songs and all the excitement that will accompany its release.
Of course we're all hoping he will come to Singapore for a signing session and I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to attend. ;)

Jay popped in at his shop, PHANTACi recently too.
His old pal, Ric Chiang runs the store and of course, Mr Chou had to try on the latest leather splice zip hoodie.

His face looked a little gaunt but it could have been the lighting or his expression or the facial hair making it so.
But I really hope he is taking care and putting some weight back on.

Oh...and The Rooftop has been nominated in the Asia-Pacific Film Festival for Best Music!
At least this jury appreciates good music unlike another recent awards show.
Here's wishing Jay and Yuxun all the best!

Now to share something which I received from my dear friend, JAYce, who sent me these from...the Philippines!
It's ironical but true:
There are no Jay Chou food/beverage products in Singapore.
But thanks to my overseas Jay-fan-friends like her, I am now the proud owner of these lovely things!

I also got hold of the All Delicious Foods calendar recently from another helpful friend, V and cannot wait to start using it in the new year! :))

Jay will be attending the China Mobile Miguhui awards tonight in Kunming.

Stay tuned for updates on the Facebook Pages before my next post!


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