Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A Trueno in Ueno!

Greetings from Japan!

Yes, fangirl here is now writing this from Hokkaido where I will be for the next five days.

Prior to this, though, I was in Tokyo where my fervent search for a certain Jay Chou-related piece of merchandise was serendipitiously rewarded when my son and I wandered into a shop in the district of Ueno. 

It looked like any other anime/comics shop but considering that after two days of asking and showing a photo around many other similar places and being disappointed, I figured there was no harm trying my luck.

And voila!

Upon entering the tiny entrance, I soon discovered that there were at least five levels within, with each level absolutely crammed to the gills with all manner of merchandise galore!
Star Wars, Marvel, Doraemon, One Piece and loads of other anime/comics stuff were on display and I slowly browsed, keeping an eagle eye out for what I wanted.

On the third level, I caught sight of shelves of car models and immediately approached the store assistant to show her a photo on my phone. 
She nodded in recognition and with mounting excitement, I followed her as she walked towards the shelves with the toy cars and pointed out my object of desire....


The Toyota AE86 Trueno!!!
From Initial D, Jay's first movie!
Which I had been looking for and asking friends going to Hongkong to help me get hold of without any success!

*happy dance*

At 735 yen, I just had to get more than one for not only myself but for my friends as well. 

An added bonus find after that was a bigger self-assembly model which I also could not resist getting, after my son promised to help me put it together. :)

Actually, there was also another version with car engine included which I now wish I had gotten instead.

Oh well! 

I guess I can't brood over that as it was already a thrill just acquiring the miniature one. 

Anyway, the cars have all been safely packed away to be brought home and displayed eventually. 

Mission Toyota AE86 accomplished! 

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