Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Jay-ous Christmas!

Hello again!

Merry and Jay-ous Christmas to all of you!

Those of you who follow Jay Chou Diaoness on Facebook would have known about my recent trip.

I only just returned from Japan on 23 December, about a day later than I was supposed to because bad weather conditions resulted in a flight cancellation and a scramble for alternative arrangements.
I also had to spend the night in Tokyo's Haneda airport and I tell you, sleeping on a hard airport floor was not fun.
I really wished I had one of these to hug:

Anyway, all's well that ends well and thanks to the flight changes, I got to watch The Rooftop and listen to OPUS 12 on the journey back because I was flying Singapore Airlines which had a better range of entertainment options than the original Japanese airline I had been scheduled to fly on.
Cool, right?? :)

Anyway, I am now safely back in Singapore and enjoying my Christmas with friends and family. :)

Just a little note that our Jay has come out tops in earnings for 2013 amongst other artistes in Taiwan:

Here's a nice greeting from Jay and Xuegao:

And Jay was Eason Chan's special guest at the latter's recent concert in Taipei Arena:

Link to my JCD Album:

Super love this pic of Jay backstage waiting for his handsome!

I shall end off with some recent pics of Jay showing off his hairstyling skills and visiting his friend's gun shop:

Love his hair here!

Cheers everyone!

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