Thursday, 19 December 2013

Diaoness Updates: APFF Award (amended on 4 March 2014), Dreams Come True concert

There are two important updates about His Royal Diaoness to share.

I have to clarify that the statements below were erroneously written but totally unintentionally at the time.
As such, I'm cancelling them out.
Jay did NOT win the APFF Award for Best Movie Music.

Drumroll please!

"And the award for Best Music at the recent Asia-Pacific Film Festival goes to.....

Jay Chou and Jason Huang Yuxun for The Rooftop!"

I was jumping with joy when I saw the update on my News Feed and wasted no time posting it on my Facebook Pages!

Will Liu was on hand to accept the award as Jay and Yuxun had a prior commitment which I'll share below. 
As the producer, it was also quite appropriate for him to be there and his wife, Vivi and son Yu-en (who also made an appearance in the movie) were there in Macau with him, too. :)

As for Jay and Yuxun, they were at a concert with other Taiwanese artistes were in China for a concert viz Dreams Come True on 14 December. 
I think it was in aid of either kids with special needs or other illnesses and Jay expressed his empathy for them as he, too has a chronic medical condition (ankylosing spondylitis) which afflicted him in his late teens. 

He sang Snail, one of his most uplifting songs:

Dandelion's Promise:

Dao Xiang:

Qing Hua Ci:

All in, it was a most fruitful weekend for Jay. 

But I know for a fact that he has been up to more engagements which shall probably be in my next post. 

Till then, let me leave you with some awesome pics of our hero. :)

Love Jay! 


  1. The APFF's nod to Jay Chou and the Rooftop make the Golden Horse judges look like a group of prejudiced critics at worst, or a bunch of clowns at best. Maybe they should have acted as props in the movie!

    Watching the Rooftop again yesterday, I was struck by how vivid and uplifting the music and imagery were -- like so much else of Jay Chou's work, both sad and uplifting at the same time -- and also how much love its actors and director had lavished onto it. It deserves the APFF award. Jiayou Mr. Chou!

    1. Hi Henry.
      Absolutely with you about the GHA jury.
      I think The Rooftop was ahead of its time and they just could not accept its somewhat outrageous mix of music, comedy, action and drama.

    2. Hi Henry.

      It is with much embarrassment that I have amended my post to reflect that Jay did not win said award.
      But they still got nominated and that's good enough.