Monday, 25 November 2013

OPUS JAY: Shenzhen 24112013

OPUS JAY kicked off with a bang in Shanghai on 17 May 2013, made its merry way through Beijing, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and numerous other cities in Mainland China to finally end up in Shenzhen on 24 November, bringing the tour for 2013 to a grand and spectacular close.

(And guess what??
This is also my 200th post for this blog!
How befitting that it should coincide with a most significant event.
But rest assured, it is not the final post for Jay Chou Diaoness....hopefully my readers are glad about that??)

Back to Shenzhen.
It was raining on the afternoon of the 24th and everyone (ie fans online) were all keeping fingers and toes crossed that the weather would clear up so that Jay would not have to sing in the rain again as he had not fully recovered from his recent flu.

Thankfully, the rain did stop before the concert started and we all heaved a collective sigh of relief! 

For more pics of the stadium and the concert, please go to my Facebook album on Jay Chou Diaoness:

Jay's 8-pack was nowhere in sight and it was understandable as he had not been well lately and could not work out properly.
But no matter, he still gave of his best and more (not unexpectedly, knowing him) and the fans in Shenzhen were treated to more than 30 songs as well as being able to request and sing with Jay during the encore, where he was in fine form, bantering and teasing them cheekily. 

This my playlist of the vids from the concert, compiled from various sources:

I shall  only post a couple of the more noteworthy vids here:

Here is the link to the encore here, as it was really fun to watch. Jay got three fans to request and sing along.
The songs were:

Love's Flight Diary
Back To The Past
Black Sweater

This was also a good vid....Clock That Goes Backwards:

After the concert, Xiao Mai and Devon also posted photos:

And a very cute photo with the ever-faithful Danni (Dang! I want her job!):

And Wang Ren Qian shared another vid to bid farewell to 2013:

To end off, here is a lovely vid showing a bird's eye view of Shenzhen Stadium and OPUS JAY, with Jay's Qing Hua Ci as the background music. :)

And a nice collage thanking our Superman for all his hard work:

Cheers all! 

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