Friday, 22 November 2013

Jay Chou on China Youth Forum with Sisy:

Jay was a guest on Sisy's show on 19 November and spent over one and a half hours chatting about his life and dreams.
I was fortunate to be able to catch the live broadcast on youtube (so DIAO, right??) and it was just fantastic watching and listening to him in union with the fans in the auditorium and many other Jay fans on Facebook who were posting quotes and pics as the show went on.

Mr Chou was candid, charming, cool and very cute as he described his early days in Alfa Music, meeting and collaborating with Vincent, and shared his thoughts and feelings about his music, his friends, his family and what he liked to cook, amongst many other things.
There was also a short segment where he took questions from the audience and amongst other things, promised autographs, accepted an invitation to an event and sang Happy Birthday to a mother whose son had brought her there. :)
His voice was a little lower than usual as he was still not fully recovered from his recent bout of flu but he was sporting as ever and even sang a little.

I shall post the link to my playlist of the vids from this show, which also includes the snippets where he sang and a complete vid of the show.
There are notes on the playlist but for easier reference here, these are the vids where he sang:

Vid 4 at 7:21
Vid 7 at 1:05
Vid 8 at 9:02

Vids 9 and 10 on the playlist are the snippets where he sang.
Vid 11 is the complete show.

I would love to translate what he said verbatim and in whole but time does not permit me to do so as yet.
Nonetheless, I'll post some noteworthy quotes below the link for you to savour.
I'll see what I can do about a full translation.
Those of you who want one, please give me a shout-out.

"I'm not a heavenly king; just a musician who likes to compose in all kinds of genres who wants more people to get to know my music."

"When I was writing songs in the studio, it was to earn money. I feel that before you chase your dreams, you must first have the means."

"During rehearsals, it is very important to make sure the sound balance is correct, for the sake of the audience."

To his backup dancers who may feel that the audience will not notice them and as such, it was not important that they danced correctly:
"You must regard yourself as the star on stage and that the spotlight is on you."

About helping out a dancer who was not one of his 'regulars' when his family member needed money for surgery:
"It's about saving a life. As a boss, I must take care of my staff. It does not matter if I don't know him well, he is still someone who has helped me."

"When I hear the phrase, 'you accompanied me when I was growing up, I'll accompany you as you get older.' I feel very touched."

"It depends on the circumstances. I may be conceited amongst my friends But it's more about confidence in oneself. And I want to do things which are worthy of my fans' support for me."

"Do not worry. I will never forget that music is my main focus."

"I'll name my son, Jay Chou. That way, nobody will ever forget me."

THE Quote of the night:

"If I had wallowed in self-pity back then, I would not be sitting here with you now."

"I will continue singing until I am unable to do so."

"I learnt from Jacky Wu how to be bighearted and share."

"My mum has a good life. I bring her along for my concerts and whilst I'm working (rehearsals), she is sightseeing, At nights, she can get to attend her son's concert."

"I can cook. I call it creative cuisine. Eg salted egg and chicken. And when I was in my fitness regime, I would fry egg whites with fruits."

Here are some of my favourite shots of him from the show....HANDSOME TO THE MAX!!!!

For more photos, this is the link to my album on Jay Chou Diaoness:

And a link to a translated article on Jay Chou Studio:

To end, post-show, from Sisy's weibo:

"After the show, Jay ensured he fulfilled the fans' requests for autographs and also asked for the details of the fan who had issued him an invitation to an event next year. He is a man of his word. 
Jacky Wu had told me that Jay is well-brought up and has been much maligned by the paparrazzi. 
I've seen for myself that he is indeed a King and a rare gem."

For the zillionth time, I have to shout this out:


He is indeed, INCOMPARABLE.

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