Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Diaoness Updates: Opus Jay Nanjing and Matilda Tao

Hi again!

Sorry....I had a very busy weekend which included a visit to my alma mater, JJ Lin's Timeline concert and Anime Festival Asia.
In between all those, I had to complete a mountain of paperwork and keep the JCD Page updated. 
I hope you guys follow me there 'cos that's where all the action is once I spot something to post.
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I just added it recently....nice? :)

First up, Mr Chou was in Nanjing for Opus Jay where as usual, he put up another amazing show in spite of having a touch of flu and a sore throat. 
He must have caught a chill in Chongqing from singing in the rain. :(

And three lucky fans got to sing Silence with him!

Full version of guitar medley including a special Qi Li Xiang:

Hope he recovers well soon!

On to Matilda Tao's new song, True Or False with music by Jay and lyrics by Ling Xi.
I love it!
So cute that he got Matilda to rap and she was quite out of breath doing so...lol!

Article from JCS: 

Okay....got to get back to work! 


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