Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween Happenings a la Jay Chou

Well, I'm not one to 'celebrate' Halloween but it appears that the occasion has much in its roots which may make it quite universally fun in this globalised world of ours.
Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

A quick read through Wikipedia yielded some interesting facts, chief of which was that Halloween is actually a shortened form of All Hallow Eve and it is one day before All Saints' Day and therafter, All Souls Day in the Catholic calendar.

Anyway, the good people at Mr J uploaded a pic of two hideous horrors this morning, asking fans to guess who they were:

Haha...your guess is as good as mine although if you pushed me to answer, I'd say Jay is the one on the right.
Lol...for all you know, that may just be Jayannah in disguise too...!
I'm waiting for the big reveal. ;)

Before I had recovered from those two fellas, the next big thing happened.....

I saw a post on my News Feed and it was.....

The official MV for You Are Everywhere!
Omg....I had been waiting forever for that and wasted no time uploading it on to my Jay Pages to share.

I love this song very very much and it still rankles that the idiotic GHA jury completely overlooked it.
Anyway, we all know this is the REAL Best Song, right??

Then later in the evening came the next bit of excitement....viz Jay and Vincent's newest Chinese-style song, sung by Jerry C, a Taiwanese rock musician.

I wish Jay had sung it instead (of course!) but I guess they had their reasons to let Jerry C do it.

That's it for now.
The next OPUS JAY will be at Chongqing on 2 November.
More updates then!

As usual, I shall sign off with two handsome-licious pics of His Royal DIAOness.
Good night and sweet dreams!


  1. anticipating whos e 2 in disguise!!!!! left look like a woman thou!