Monday, 4 November 2013

OPUS JAY: Chongqing 02112013 (updated)

It was time for yet another OPUS JAY concert and the destination was Chongqing, where the weather would play a big part in dictating how the fans there got a special present from His Royal DIAOness.

Here is our King giving the Royal Wave to his supporters. :)

All that I'm reporting is taken from various Facebook/weibo posts.

The concert apparently started off with good weather but it soon started to rain but amazingly (or not, actually), the fans stayed put and if anything, their screams and yells became even louder and more vociferous.
Frankly, if it were me, I would not have budged either.
After all, what's a bit of rain when you've waited for the longest time for your idol to come to your city for a concert?
What more when said idol is Jay Chou???

Jay conducting his fans. :)

Love him from all angles, including the back. Just look at how huge the stadium is!

Nice composite of the concert and fans....with their ponchos and lightsticks. Rain did not dampen their enthusiasm; in fact, it probably made them even more determined to persevere and prove their staying power and love for Jay!

Another beautiful view of his back....le sigh....

Lighting effects are very important for Jay:

This has to be the most endearing image from the concert; that of his bodyguard, Xia Ban Zhang holding the umbrella to shelter him as he sang Big Ben. :)

I love this one....

Here are the links for the concert.

All The Way North:

Qi Li Xiang:

Fine Day, fun with his musicians and Ukulele:

Special gift for the fans, as Jay said he felt bad for them being drenched in the rain. He sang a song he had not performed at any of the OPUS JAYs so far....Where Is The Promised Happiness?
How not to love him even more??

THE vid of Jay and friends singing Big Ben in the rain...omg, he did get wet; can tell by looking at his shirt sleeves.
His bodyguard was a real trouper too, sheltering him stoically. :)
I have new level of respect for him and the rest of the guys on stage!

More pics here on the Jay Chou Diaoness Page:

Bye by to Chongqing....recognise that bodyguard? ;)

Okay...I really gotta go to sleep now. \

There might be more vids coming through so do check back in a few days.

Till then, good night!

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