Wednesday, 27 November 2013

DIAOness Updates: Jay-sighting and Jay-phone

IActually, the news about the Jay phone should come first but I'm still all cheery about a Facebook message which I got from my friend this afternoon just as I went back to work after lunch.
(Incidentally, I had been wondering where he was currently after Shenzhen as there had not been any updates on Facebook so far).

"Hi! Guess who I saw in Taoyuan airport terminal one waiting for his bags?"

When I saw the first part of that message flash on my mobile screen on the incoming notification, my first thought was of Jay and needless to say, I was not to be disappointed:

"Jay Chou!"


Here are the screenshots of the thread that ensued....note my excitement:

In my excitement, I mis-typed after the word Photo and also misspelt 'hyperventilating' but WTH, it sounds cool as 'hypventilating' anyway. :)

We all know Jay likes to mask-up at airports but thankfully, he has never felt the need to do so in Singapore and Malaysia.
Ooh! She admitted that he is 'quite handsome'....!!!
We all knew that already but it's always nice to hear a non-fan say so. :)

Aww! He looked tired?? Poor fella! His entourage is fantastic at looking after him, but Jay was sweet to give her a smile through his mask. :)
We also already know he has the best skin ever but once again, it's nice to hear a non-fan say so. :)

Yup! Typical fangirl obsessiveness there and sounds like typical Jay Chou attire for a flight. She did not mention his pants. I'll bet they were those baggy sweat pants or harem horrors which he loves. :P
I'm guessing one of the protective ladies was Danni (Dang! I want her job!).
Yes, we love him for his cuteness too! 

He probably looked something like this:

All I can say is that it certainly pays to be open about your obsessions as she would not have otherwise thought to message me about seeing him. 
This was so meant to be. 
It was just awesome that even though I had no other news from my usual sources, I got this most unexpected update! 

It was really nice to know that he was back home safely in Taiwan and I hope he gets in a good rest after a most gruelling year, especially the second half and recent months. 

Well, the other event which he had attended on 25 November was the Ucan phone event.

Here is the link to the album on Jay Chou Diaoness Facebook Page and when there is a proper English article on this, I shall insert it here and on the Page. so do check back later. 

Okay, I got tonnes of paperwork to do again.
And Lang Lang's concert with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra tomorrow night! 

Till my next post....cheerio! 

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