Sunday, 13 October 2013

OPUS JAY: Jakarta, Indonesia (Updated)

 NB: I was not in Jakarta for this concert. So I welcome comments and feedback from readers who were there and can give me and other fans more information. :)

OPUS JAY opened to a capacity 12000 crowd at the Mata Elang Stadium in Indonesia on 12 October 2013. 

According to reports from fans, there was no Rooftop segment nor Sign Language. 
I think it was possibly due to a lack of the necessary facilities at the stadium.
The sound system was apparently not too good either. 

Nonethless, those factors did not dampen their enthusiasm nor Jay's who still gave of his best and the fans were very satisfied with his performance.

The special guest was Liu Chen, a Chinese singer aka Sylvia Stefanie.
She sang one of her own songs and a duet with Jay on A Thousand Miles Away.

Jay sang Dao Xiang and Simple Love....I freaking love Simple Love!


All The Way North:


Guitar medley:

Short interview:

"Apa kabar? Saya Jay Chou."
Means "How are you? I'm Jay Chou." :)

"It's my second time to Indonesia. My first time was during childhood with my Mum. So it feels like a holiday again now.
I often say during concerts that my fans are like my family; they understand me and my music.
Many of them have kids of their own now and I hope the kids will also become my fans.
I miss my Mum's home cooking when I'm away on tour."

He is then given a present of a wayang kulit puppet.
Love how he said, "Nice!" in English. :)

I shall end off as usual with some swoonsome and handsome-licious pics of His Royal DIAOness:

Omg....that DIMPLE!!!!

Till my next post....good night!


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  2. @fangirlforever the concert was incredible despite not getting to see and hear rooftop and sign language...I was really hoping to see him make a J<3U :P
    But my first concert was flawless nonetheless. Jay sounded amazing live, it definitely did not disappoint. I am so craving for another concert soon ;)

    1. I'm so happy to know that Jay's performance was flawless.
      Hope you enjoy the vid links I posted too; they should help you relive the wonderful moments!

    2. It did, thank you so much! And the short interview was so endearing, he got a wayang!

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