Sunday, 20 October 2013

Blog remamed: Jay Chou Diaoness

Just a short post to say that I have renamed this blog to make the title sharper and in line with the URL link and my Jay Chou Diaoness Facebook Page which is coming along nicely.

Here is the link to the Page:

I hope most or all of you have Liked the Jay Chou Diaoness Page on Facebook as I post there pretty regularly as long as I spot something worth sharing on my News Feeds from numerous Jay Pages and Groups.
As such, it's more 'real-time' there and it includes any pics, news, vids, links or even just random ramblings about or declarations of love for Jay. *blush*
But posting there helps me keep track of happenings in Jay's life and helps me with my blog posts too. 

I have also compiled many albums there which I think many of you will have a great time going through and giving your comments.
Feel free to Tag yourselves or your friends in any of the photos there.
Spread the word about Jay Chou Diaoness!
I love sharing stuff with fans from all over the world.
Although I post mainly in English, I have Likers who also comment in Chinese and even other languages. I am Chinese so I occasionally use Chinese there as well.
But I would encourage everyone to try and use English as much as possible so that everyone can understand.
It does not matter if you think your English is not that good.
 Take it as a chance to practise. :)

See you guys on Jay Chou Diaoness! 

Let me sign off with a lovely caricature of Jay by a fan and my Facebook Friend, Qin Qing. :)
It is super cute and I especially love how she has drawn his lush and luxuriant!
But the whole pic is just awesome and yes...DIAO!


I also have another Page viz The Rooftop: A Jay Chou film, which is still going on.
I post there as well, more Rooftop-related stuff.
I didn't think it would go on for so long but somehow, I have been able to keep it going with new ideas.
Do check it out as well!


  1. I checked out both Facebook pages and I can access pictures and posts but I can't seem to like any of the pages...

    1. Facebook was having some problems earlier on today. But I think they're rectifying as quickly as possible.
      I could not post stuff for about two hours. But seems okay now.
      Keep trying.