Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Jay rocks Hebei and chills out

I'm still somewhat sore with the GHA jury for snubbing The Rooftop.
But seriously, if Jay had not kept on talking about how much he hoped the movie would be nominated for awards, I could not care less about them.
To me, whether a movie wins awards or not is quite immaterial and unrelated to its entertainment level.
But I just felt for Mr Chou as it was clear that he had poured his heart and soul into putting it all together and although he acts cool, I'm sure he was more than a little upset.

However, I'm also pretty sure he did not wallow long in self-pity and besides, he has many other events to attend and concerts to prepare for.

The most recent event was in Hebei, where he was the main attraction (no surprises there!). Here's a vid of his explosive performance with Fearless and Nunchucks:

After that concert, Jay took some time off to chill and where did he choose to go to? :))


Who else but His Royal DIAOness goes into a video arcade surrounded by five or six security personnel, togged up with a mask and glasses?
That picture above (from weibo, posted by fans in Hebei) was floating all over Facebook last night and the universal comment was how cute he looked!
I mean, this is a 天王 (Heavenly King) and he was playing video games and wandering around an entertainment much more down-to-earth and loveable can he be??
It is also a well-known fact that he loves these games, like any normal guy and just looking at his intense concentration in that pic makes me smile.
I was really happy he was indulging in something so simple yet enjoyable for him.
Which is not that unusual for Jay.
Even where food is concerned, all he cared about eating when in Singapore and Malaysia were his favourite pork ribs soup and barbecued chicken wings. :)

More pics:

To be honest, when I first got into Jay Chou fandom, I did wonder why he liked to wear a mask but I soon realised that it was probably due to two factors:

1. His immunity may not be top-notch due to his AS (ankylosing spondylitis) and when he is in crowded places like airports in China, he really has to take care not to catch anything which might then affect his ability to perform.
Do note that he does not wear the mask when in Singapore and Malaysia.
I shall watch and see what he does in Indonesia. ;)

2. He wants (and needs) to preserve a measure of privacy and a mask, unappealing as it may look, does afford him the freedom to hide whatever facial expressions he may have. He has mentioned before that 70% of him is seen on stage; 20% is exposed by the tabloid reporters. As such, it should not be too much to ask that he gets to keep 10% for himself...which when he puts it that way makes a whole lot of sense.
The sunglasses he likes to don are probably another way for him to maintain some privacy.

Most of his fans already understand this but I can see how strange it would look to non-fans or the general public, who would then accuse him of being anti-social or weird.
But of course, that would not bother Jay. :)

I shall end off with a link to an album of utter and complete HANDSOMENESS of Jay in Metersbonwe...swoon on!


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