Sunday, 6 October 2013

DIAOness Updates: GHA, Global Chinese Music awards, typhoon, MV book, Kobe!

It's less than a week to OPUS JAY in Indonesia on 12 October! 

I trust all the fans have prepared to give Jay a huge welcome and an awesome PINK Sea!

But before we hit that, here are some updates over the past few days.

1. There were Status reports from many Jay Pages with the following quote about his GHA disappointment, which I also shared on my Jay Chou Diaoness Page:

 【《天台》金马落空 叹歌舞片式微】#周杰伦 自导自演的《天台》,1项也没入围,他昨沉痛地说:「可能台湾没什么歌舞片吧,看到连音乐都没入围,我就明白这一切了。」意指台湾歌舞片风气不盛,所以作 品不受评审青睞. 不过周杰伦敢于尝试别人不敢尝试的歌舞片,也给了很多人信心。值得尊敬。

Jay was somewhat bitter about the lack of nominations for The Rooftop.

"Perhaps the dearth of musical movies in Taiwan explains why The Rooftop was not well-received and did not even get nominated in the music-related caregories. I understand now."

Nonetheless, he had guts and gumption to try his hand at this genre and for that, he deserves praise and respect.

Don't give up, Jay!


2. Jay has won for Best Album (OPUS 12) at the 13th Global Chinese Music Charts awards!
And his Hong Chen Ke Zhan is one of the Top 20 songs!

Congrats to His Royal DIAOness!!!
Hope this makes up a little for the GHA nonsense. :P

 3. Typhoon warning for Taiwan and Japan...I think Jay is still in Taipei. Hope everyone stays safe!

4. Yours truly is now making her way slowly through this Chinese book.
 I think Jay fans would recognise where the cover photo comes from. :)
Yup, it's a novelisation of one of my most fave Jay Chou MVs, 你听得到。(You Hear Me)
This MV always makes me smile wistfully and the ending is just perfect, especially 'cos we can hear Jay speak a little English....he sounds soooo cute! :)


5. Kobe was a guest at the same University event which Jay graced six months ago.
He says Jay's basketball skills are pretty good.

Here's a short clip which has Jay's recorded vid wishing Kobe all the best and exhorting him to share more about his life with the students to encourage them.

Jay's part is from 1:09 to 1:43:

Happy Sunday, everyone! 

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