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One aspect of Jay which has been much discussed by fans over the years is the issue of his love life and girlfriends.

As I only came into Jay Chou fandom in 2011, much of what went on before that was already water under the bridge for me and I could only draw my own conclusions from what I read and found out from other fans.
I shall not dwell on the past but suffice to say, it was clear to me that despite all the gossip and tabloid rumours, Jay has generally been a good boy with nary a whiff of sex scandals tainting his image.
That was a big plus point in my going crazy about him as that is the one thing I cannot tolerate in my celebrity crushes.

It was in 2011 that the first pics of him and Hannah surfaced whilst on a holiday in France.
Yes, I was active on the JCS forum then and there was endless debate going on.
And yes, that term 'Jayannah' was coined by me. ;)
Numerous paparazzi attempts to photograph them together were unsuccessful, with Jay at one point trying to turn the tables on the pappz by taking their picture. His run-ins with them are legendary but he has mellowed of late.

From 2011 to the present, Jay has never confirmed any relationship and has categorically stated that he will only make an official announcement when he is going to get married.
That has, however, not stopped the wags from publishing sensational headlines and making up stories which I shall not deign to mention here to keep my blog post respectful to Jay.

Actually, I made a decision when I started this blog that I would not write about him and his girlfriends until such a time that there was something more substantial (instead of mere hints here and there) and also when he appears willing to be less shy about whomever he was with.
Neither did I want to use pappz photos as far as possible.

I think now is the time. :)

Photos surfaced from weibo these past couple of days showing Jay in a restaurant in Hangzhou whilst en route to Fuzhou for another OPUS JAY concert.
Sharp-eyed fans were quick to spot Hannah, albeit not a full-faced shot with Jay.
Ms Quinlivan also posted a photo of herself in Hangzhou on her Facebook Page.
Not difficult to conclude, right? ;)

My thoughts on Jayannah

I can only say that Hannah has shown herself to be a well-behaved and decent young lady over the past two years that I have been Jay's fan. She does her own thing and has been honest yet non-committal in her replies to nosy reporters about her 'boyfriend', without giving anything away.
Many fans were apprehensive about their age gap but I think Jay is really young at heart and needs someone like Hannah.
Many reports have also pointed out how protective he is about her and I think his friends and loved ones are equally supportive.
Of course she is extremely pretty but I believe there is definitely something more than her looks which he is attracted to, like how she gets along with Mama Chou and his friends. 
Besides, there's no accounting for chemistry between a couple and as long as they keep each other happy and are willing to be strong and committed in the relationship, that should be what matters.

I am very happy to see that she is with him in China gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling to know he has a special someone and it looks more and more likely that he will get married next year.

Keep watching this blog. :)

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