Saturday, 12 October 2013

Jay Chou in Jakarta!

One more day to Jay's inaugural concert in Indonesia and Facebook was abuzz with pics and updates of him arriving at the airport in Jakarta.
Most of his crew had already been posting photos from Indonesia but there had been no sign of Jay.
Until this afternoon.

Needless to say, I was determined to keep up with the News Feeds and also made a new Facebook Friend who said she was staying in the same hotel as Jay!
Can't wait to see what she will post!

And it's a little inexplicable, but somehow having Jay in a South-East Asian country like Indonesia just made me very happy somehow. :)

There's our Mr DIAO at the airport, walking along with his bodyguards, looking oh-so-handsome and with his hair little shorter. But he appeared to be in a good mood and mask! :))

There was a press conference at The Media Hotel and Towers after that:

Looking very dapper in that suit....hey! I recognise that shirt!
It's my favourite from his Hongkong concerts!
It's also nice to know he reuses his outfits and does not always have to wear new or never-been-seen-before stuff. :)

Here is a short translation of what Jay said:

Jay's first visit to Indonesia was with his family more than 20 years ago.
He finds that people tend to drive more slowly here, which is something that he is not used to.
He quipped that he had no need to drive fast in Indonesia anyway 'cos there was hardly any paparazzi around. :)
For OPUS JAY, he has prepared about 30 songs, including more from his earlier albums.
He hopes to hold a concert in Indonesia every two years.
There will be a special guest star at his concert but he cannot reveal who it is.

Hmm....wonder who the guest star will be....  

Whatever the case, let me end off with a pic of His Royal DIAOness and his Royally Rugged Bod....prepare to faint. ;)

  Looking forward to OPUS JAY tomorrow!


  1. Hii i'm your FB friend xD so fast u already post this. Sorry y didn't manage to take any photo here at the hotel. But i bumped into some of Jay' s crew like G power, Yu Xun, etc.

  2. yeah... im gg for the concert tonight as well... but dun think my camera can capture nice pictures. dib know that jay is staying at media hotel if not I would hv book the same... :'(

  3. What hotel did Jay stay in?