Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Pre-OPUS JAY in Singapore: Part 2: Welcome (back) to Singapore, Jay!

Jay arrived in Singapore yesterday ie 4 June 2013!!!!
Sadly, I could not go to the airport this time as I could not get leave.
However, the JayMS fanclub members were on site there and took pics and vids which I'll share here.

There he is, walking out, flanked by security, to screaming fans in Changi Airport Terminal 2. No mask, just unshaven handsomeness and his cool shades.
And of course, his usual on-board outfit of hoodie, tee and loose pants.

The Royal Wave!

A nicely put-together vid by Jay Chou Malaysia and Singapore about Jay's arrival:

The Jay Chou Malaysia and Singapore fanclub members who formed the welcoming committee (how I wish I could have been there!):

Well, it was fun living vicariously through my friends' updates on Facebook and WhatsApp when all that was happening,

I really hope I can go for the sending -off after he ends his run of concerts.

*fingers and toes crossed*

Just to recap:

Here's the group photo with Jay when we sent him off after F1...he was such a sweetheart!

To end, here's a nice pic from Xiao Mai's weibo to whet our appetites for the concert tomorrow:

Heh...I will be in one of those blue seats....can't wait!!!


  1. Very cute ,I mean the Jay Chou Malaysia and Singapore fanclub members .

    1. I know, right??

      I just added another pic of the fanclub with Jay at last year's post-F1 send-off.
      Take a look!

  2. Hi . Do u know when he is departing ? Pls tell me the time and venue!!^^ thx

    1. Hiya.

      Well, The New Paper mentioned that he'll be flying back to Taiwan on Sunday morning.
      I guess you'll just have to check the airport schedules and hang around there. ;)

  3. Hi, chanced upon your jay chou updates!
    You are such a die fan fan! Kudos!
    How to join JMS?

    1. Hiya!

      You can search for the Jay Chou Singapore and Malaysia Facebook Page and message the admins. :)