Sunday, 16 June 2013

DIAOness Updates: The Rooftop promos, Shanghai Film Festival and Lang Lang!

It's been one week since Jay left Singapore on 9 June 2013 and I hope he had a good rest because starting from the 12 June, he has been to event after event, mostly related to The Rooftop but also a special one with Lang Lang and other celebs at Qing Hua University.

Promo in Taipei on 12 June 2013

Playlist of the event:

Part 1, introducing Jay and Li Xinai:

Part 2, introducing Kenny Bee, who plays Xinai's fierce father in the movie:

Part 3: Interview with actors on stage: 
Jay explains that the movie is different from Secret; Kenny Bee is usually very nice but in the movie, he has to be very fierce. He has worked with Jay before in Initial D; he feels that Jay is a very meticulous director who pays attention to the smallest details.
Xinai says she is very happy to be there. 
Jay tells how Will Liu chanced upon her at the traffic crossing and as it turned out, her look was exactly what he was looking for, to suit that era.
Xinai is from Xi-an and she's very grateful for the opportunity she was given.

Part 4: Fun with rice dumplings, big and small, real and false

Part 5:  Xinai

Part 6: Questions from reporters:
Jay: We held many auditions. I was a little anxious about her lack of experience but after a while, realised she looked the part.
Kenny: At first, Eric was supposed to be her father but the look was not right.
Xinai: I felt very lucky and wanted to work hard. I didn't think too much about the fact that Jay was the director. Of course, I know who he is. He could be strict and demanding.
Jay: I have to be critical as a director.
Jay: Feeling a bit stressed about performance at box office. Competing with myself. Xinai is a strong character herself, despite looking very young.
Re GMAs, he's very happy to have been nominated. He hopes to win the Best Album award.

Some pics from the event:

Jay signing posters:

Jay and the Giant Bak Chang!

Jay and Xinai, posing primly:

 Jay, Xinai and Kenny Bee:

Whatcha thinking about, Jay??

 Autographed poster belonging to my lucky friend!

 He looks quite satisfied here....

LOVE that smile and DIMPLE!!!!!

Jay in Shanghai

He had a promo in Shanghai on 15 June:

Wang Xueqi and Xu Fan were impressed by Jay's directing. Xu Fan was also mesmerised by Jay in concert. :)

He then attended the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival

On the red carpet with Li Xinai, Wang Xueqi and Xu Fan:

The Rooftop related promo shows:

Jay also performed at a Qinghua University event with Lang Lang, Lin Dan and other stars:

Performing Snail:

Dao Xiang:

News clip about the event in English:

Stunningly beautiful magazine cover in China!

And scans:

Another HAWT mag cover...omg...!

Somebody shoot me now....look at those cheekbones....!

Jay's been looking really dapper!

I'll end with the latest trailer, which has new scenes...making me even more excited for this movie!
Lol...the part where Xinai is in the car with LZG reminds me so much of the Bella/Edward car scene! (I'm a Twilight fan too.)

And a nice pic of Lang Zi Gao with his car:

My thoughts:

I'm very impressed with Jay's manner and decorum at all these events so far.
Very calm, collected, yet with some humour and always keeping the focus on the movie and his work.
The new scenes are interesting but I'm waiting to hear what the rating will be.
Someone told me it might be R18 but to me, a PG13 is more likely, if not General.

One more thing I just have to do before signing off....


Omg....Jay looked SOOOOO HANDSOME in all the events and the magazine covers so far!!!!!!



  1. Wow thanks for the awesome update! Can't wait to watch Rooftop already ^^

  2. Btw I would like to know what is the Qinghua university event about? Is there any other interviews of Jay related to this and is it recorded? Thanks a lot!

    1. I'm watching out for the whole programme to be on youtube and will share accordingly. ;)

      Meanwhile, here's a news clip about the event: