Tuesday, 11 June 2013

OPUS JAY 2013 WORLD TOUR SINGAPORE: The concerts! (updated)

 "You're going /you went for all three Jay Chou concerts???" was the common refrain from non-fan friends when they found out about my complete attendance at His Royal DIAOness' tour stop in Singapore from 6 to 8 June recently.

My response:
"Why ever not?? I'm making up for lost time, since I missed out on Jay fandom for the past ten years!"

Well, it's two days after his final concert now and I've finally settled down enough to write about my experiences over the entire period when Jay was in town. Yes, I took leave from work from 5 June onwards as I knew pretty well that I would be in absolutely no mood to concentrate on anything else other than the run-up to his first concert and thereafter.
And I have totally no regrets!

I've already posted about Jay's arrival:


As we all well know, Mr Chou is notoriously fussy about his concert preparations and rehearsals and so it was for the Singapore stop. There were reports that he didn't even go shopping. It was rehearsals and eating his favourite bak kut teh (pork ribs soup) everyday.


Anyway, I shall leave him aside for now to talk about the concert merchandise which was on offer this round.

The following photos were taken at the booth in the carpark of the Singapore Indoor Stadium (SIS); they're quite self-explanatory. :)

Fans queueing up:

I bought the concert sac, keychains, the Just Jay pink bear, a Continued tee, a towel and the concert folders.

The mini-fan was really DIAO!


The keychains and figurines look like this (my friend's photo):

Okay, back to the concerts!

My dear hubby came along with me for the first night; he is not a fan like me but he likes Jay's music well enough and since I was paying for his ticket, he had no reason to complain. ;)
I also wanted him to try and get some good pics. :))
Having said that, he, too, got caught up in the frenzy a little and at one point even joined in the shouting of Jay's name viz "ZHOU! JIE! LUN!". ;)

I had already seen all the vids from the Shanghai and Beijing stops and knew what to expect.
But as I mentioned in an earlier post, Jay's performances never get old for me, because his music is just SO GOOD!

Well, I was definitely NOT disappointed at all! I thoroughly enjoyed every performance as he really gave his all each night, but varying the encores and some of the song choices.
He was also very engaging with the audience, talking about his years in the industry and thanking his faithful fans.
Very charming, especially when he said he 'ming ming jiu' (obviously) loved us!

Going for all three nights also meant I could have more opportunities to savour every song and record them properly for my youtube channel.
Although it is generally stated on the ticket that videotaping and photography are not allowed, somehow, for OPUS JAY, the SIS ushers were not in their usual "please do not take photos and videos" mode, unlike at many other pop concerts I had gone to before.
I like to think that it was Jay who told them not to bother as he knows his fans like to record for their own pleasure to watch again post-concert. :)
I used my iPhone to record and a camera for some photos.
Gotta say it was quite a strain on my shoulders and arms to keep holding the phone up steadily; I could just feel my muscles protesting and was convinced I would end up with the worst case of tendinitis!
At times, I also felt like I could not hold on any longer but something just kept me going as I did not want to end up with a vid which was abruptly cut-off,.
You'll see the fruits of my labour in my vids. :)
By God's grace, I am still fine in spite of three nights of recording!
Neither did I develop laryngitis as I did not want to sing loudly whilst recording, so as not to torture my viewers with my crooning and also not to obliterate Jay's beautiful voice.

I did lose out on alot of sleep, though, as after the concerts once I got home, I had to upload my vids onto youtube so that I could delete them from my phone to free up the memory. I was really lucky that on the second night, the memory ran out just when I had finished recording Sign Language, which is one of my most favourite segments of OPUS JAY.
The concerts ended near 11pm and with the horrendous traffic leading out of the carpark, I usually did not get home till near midnight.
Uploading the vids took time and I ended up sleeping at about 2 or 3am during those three days,
(That's another reason why I had to take leave during this period. No way I could function properly at work like that!)

With that in mind, let me now talk about the concert proper.

The aura of anticipation and excitement was palpable in the stadium as the fans streamed in. I would get to my seat, check that my phone was powered up, glowsticks were ready, make a last-minute visit to the ladies as there was NO WAY I would be leaving my seat any time during the concert.
There were simple foam lightsticks in pale pink at every seat, along with a pair of blow-up clappers.

I, of course had my special OPUS JAY lightstick. :)

The house lights dimmed, the fans screamed and waved their lightsticks and.....

The show was on!
Loads of screaming greeted the opening filmlet which had Jay fighting off monsters and getting into a spaceship to zoom over to us!
(Actually, there would be loads of screaming throughout the whole concert, as it were).


And of course, our Mr DIAO emerged from the spaceship, all rocker-chic in red and baring that famous 8-PACK!!!
However, we were only treated to tantalising glimpses of those abs as the red vest he wore kept flapping here and there. :P
And right after Exclamation Mark , he disappeared to put on a black tee and covered those muscles....c'mon, Jay, it wouldn't have hurt to flaunt those abs a little more, right?? ;)
But that's our Jay, modest as ever. :)

I shall post mostly my vids (fandomizfun1318) but have sourced for some from other youtubers, those which I did not record:

Exclamation Mark and Dragon Fist by iceflamer90:

Banter with audience and Final Battle (first night):

Third night banter with audience and Final Battle:

The next segment was a mini-musical of The Rooftop, to give us a sneak preview of the movie.
I love the music!




His piano ballads were next, with the beautiful instrument which we had already seen in Shanghai and Beijing and it was even more beautiful in the flesh!
I loved watching his face on the big screen as he played and sang his heart out!

All three nights had Ming ming jiu and Silence.
First night songs included Listen to Mother's Words and Snail:


Second and third nights he changed to Mine Mine and End Of The World:

Vid of End Of The World with a great, clear view of the amazing piano!


Following that was All The Way North and Secret, as he reminisced about Initial D and his first self-directed-and-acted movie.
The crowd were ecstatic and the singalong fantastic.
(Actually, all the singalongs were awesome!)



In a change from previous concerts, he performed Nunchucks next, rather than using it as a finale:


He then went into the zhong guo feng segment, with Gong gong, Qing Hua Ci and Red Dust Inn:




Then came an acapella performance which went into a jaunty rendition of Big Ben!
He looked so nice in this pink shirt and blue overalls combo!


Banter with audience about his songs and that although his English is not good, music trancends all barriers...which I totally agree with:

After that, it was another singalong session with Jay on guitar and bringing his fans down Memory Lane with his older hits, beginning with Rainbow (my fave!) and ending off with Fine Day, another definite crowd favourite!

The first encore was Sign Language...I love this song and I love love LOVE this unique performance, incorporating special effects and Jay himself! Very very DIAO!

This is my recording:

This is a clearer vid by Yi Qing Chong, from a more central position:

He followed that up with Cannot Speak, another crowd fave...heh...I love the part where I panned the camera round the stadium to show the sea of waving pink lightsticks!

Another vid but focusing only on Jay:

Second encore was Ukulele with giant balls (this vid is by JustJayOnly):

Another vid by Yi Qing Chong on the final night:

Third encore was different for all three nights.
And Jay had fun introducing his musicians and asking them to perform.

Huang Yuxun on keyboard sang Black Humour on the first night and Common Jasmine Orange was the encore song:

He sang Wu Ding with Cindy on the second night, but I did not manage to record that, as my phone ran out of memory just after I finished recording Sign Language
Will look around for a vid and post when I find it.

Thank you so much to reader N for giving me the link to the Wu Ding vid!

Third night was B-box/Fragrance of Rice and Sunny Otaku!

And with that, OPUS JAY in Singapore came to a close.
Was I happy?
No wonder his concerts always sell out super fast and ticketing sales always crash the website!

NB: I found more vids of the concerts from other ardent youtubers and will share them here in the form of playlists as these have better views for some songs:

Yi Qing Chong's vids:

drowsy25's vids:

gheeguan's vids:

Here are some photos to share:

Lang Zi Gao is waiting for fans to pose with him outside the SIS (see next post for the fans poses!):

Check out those FAB ABS!!!!! *faints*

And omg...that DIMPLE!!!!

His Royal DIAOness and his Royally DIAO piano:

All The Way North and Secret:

Guitar medley:

Sign Language:

Hope you guys enjoyed this review and recap of the concerts!

I shall post about his airport send-off next. :)


  1. Wow, you actually recorded almost everything! I wouldn't have been able to do that because my arms would get tired really fast. LOL! I have watched all the videos you have recorded and the quality of them were really good compared to other fans videos which were really shaky. Plus, I hate having to hold the camera because cameras can be annoying and limits my enjoyment of concerts. Next time, I'm going to ask my non-Jay fan sister to help me record and take pictures so that I can enjoy Jay's concerts!! :D

  2. Hello fellow Jay fan!! :D Just curious on whether did you record the full concert in audio version??

  3. & I'm so envy that you went for all three nights!! I only managed to get tix for the first night! His concert is just too awesome :) Thank you for sharing your vids too :)

    1. You're most welcome!
      I had the most amazing time and you know what?
      I could go for a Jay Chou concert every night forever...if only that were possible... ;)

  4. Hey I love ur blog! Really very updated! I went e 2nd night but was too bz taking pics of him and videos and Nv gave my full attention to him! But u had it all here! Love xoxo

    1. Hello!

      You were there on the second night??
      Did you manage to record Wu Ding??
      If so, have you uploaded to youtube?
      And if you have, can you please share with me so I can add it to my playlist and this blog?
      I really wanted to record that but my phone's memory ran out! :P

    2. Hi there.

      I think I accidentally deleted your reply to me today....the hazards of a touchscreen!

      My apologies but I did read what you had written.
      Glad you enjoy my blog!
      I'll keep on as long the DIAOness keeps on. :)

  5. Thank you for giving such a complete review and recordings!!

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3vvjiySXec

    Here is a link where he sing 屋顶 on the second day.

    Thanks for the wonderful update !

    1. Omg...thank you so much, N!!!
      I've inserted it into the post already.
      Most welcome regarding the update!

  7. Hi

    Thanks for ur vids. My hubby and I were juz saying that we should hv taken some vids as memories too.

    Thanks God u have them :-)

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Sharon!

      There were many other ardent fans recording and I've compiled theirs into playlists which I've just inserted into the post.
      Do check out my post again to see these lists as some of them are really quite clear!

  8. Hi,

    thank you so much for the reviews plus the videos and photos. I was really blur that day and ended up my phone's battery ran out so I can only took photos for the first few segments. Therefore your photos and videos are truly are great memories for me. Your review is AWESOME, really bring back so many memories of the concert. It will be a great memory for me whenever I look back on this event :D

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. I was there on the last concert and it ended at like 10.30pm, isit considered early compared to the other nights? I thought this time round the concert was relatively short. )):

  10. Thks for sharing! ! Anyone knows where is this bak ku teh stall that he always visit when he comes to singapore??

    1. Hiya!

      I believe it is Founder Bak Kut Teh at Rangoon Rd.

      I'm putting the link into the post.


  11. @fangirlforever...
    Hey, I'm going to jay's concert here in indonesia and I was wondering..I want to get VIP seats but at the same time I want to get the concert sack, the night light and the bobble head, should i just get gold seats instead of VIP if i want to buy all those goodies? i really need your opinion...

    1. Hi Livia.

      Don't you get all that stuff with the VIP ticket?
      How does the ticketing work?
      'cos I did not look at the details.
      I presume the VIP tickets are the ones most in front?

  12. Hi!

    Have you found that the types of merchandise he has at each concert are the same. Like, does he always sell key chains, shirts, posters, etc.

    1. Hi Tiffany.
      Keychains, tees, posters, folders, umbrellas, fridge magnets, notebooks, handheld fans, towels, etc are almost always available. They are easy to make and sell.
      But along the way, he has also had other special stuff (some limited edition, some not) like crystal pianos, teddy bears, figurines, power bank, headphones and perhaps more that I am unaware of. ;)

    2. Hi Tiffany.
      Keychains, tees, posters, folders, umbrellas, fridge magnets, notebooks, handheld fans, towels, etc are almost always available. They are easy to make and sell.
      But along the way, he has also had other special stuff (some limited edition, some not) like crystal pianos, teddy bears, figurines, power bank, headphones and perhaps more that I am unaware of. ;)