Saturday, 22 June 2013

Another fangirl gets Jay Chou's autograph!

Ok....everyone here can officially go green with envy when you read today's post, which I've taken from Celestia's account about her absolutely serendipitious meeting with His Royal DIAOness at his autograph session for The Rooftop on 12 June, just five days after she had seen him at OPUS JAY!

Behold the signature at the bottom of the poster:

And here is Celestia's fangirl rave about the experience:

"I was in Taipei for a holiday and was pleasantly surprised that Jay would be there for an autograph session for The Rooftop the next day.
So of course I made plans to go. ;)
I reached the venue at around 9am and it was already super crowded (what to's JAY!).The ticket sales started at 11am but Jay would only be there at about 1pm. 

I bought the tickets and waited patiently for him to arrive. It was scorching hot but everyone stood in the sun. I managed to find a spot that was nearer to the stage. ( I wanted to be nearer to him! Haha!) Well, 1pm came but there was still no sign of him! 
The Emcee was entertaining us on the stage but I wasn't listening. ( too excited 'cos going to meet him for the first time!)
Finally, after about 15 mins, the emcee announced his arrival and he appeared with the female lead. 

Everyone screamed!!!
He started smiling for the media and we were screaming for him to look over to our side. The emcee tried to assure us that they would do it later. But it didn't happen! 
We screamed for Jay again and he turned for us! 
That's when I managed to take a beautiful shot of him. He's so kind and treats his fans so well! 
Love him!

Then the photo taking session started and everyone started to queue up to make their way up to the stage to see JAY! I was super excited and was planning what to say to him! 
Finally it was my turn. 
Looking at his handsome face and his dimpled smile , I nearly died! Haha! 
The security refused to let us take pics on stage as Jay had to sign 2000 posters! 
After the signing ceremony, he left quickly as he had to rush for another event. 

That concludes my brief encounter (with more to come) with the Man himself, JAY CHOU!"

For more pics of the event, here is a link the the FB album from the official Rooftop Page: come that didn't happen to me when I was in Taipei last December??

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