Tuesday, 25 June 2013

DIAOness Updates: The Rooftop

Isn't that such a sweet pic of the star-crossed couple??

Here's a link to a JCS translated article in which His Royal DIAOness admits to his nit-picking tendencies, to the extent of proofreading the English subtitles...lol!


Another article about the trailer:


Here are some new trailers and BTS clips to whet your appetites for this movie:

Latest trailer with more LZG/Xinai scenes and look out for Darren!

Behind-the-scenes of the night market, where his co-star says Jay was a very hardworking Iron Man who seemingly never needed to sleep yet had a very clear vision of what he wanted from the music and the movie.


60-second Bo Ye with scenes from the movie:

Pic of the Lover's Lake Night Market...so picturesque!

More pics...of course, LZG MUST have a PINK bowling ball, right? ;)

Cute screenshot of LZG and Dan Hua (Devon Soong aka Dan Tou):

This is what I call puppy-dog eyes... :)

Jay loves wheels...not just cars but bicycles too:

The Rooftop merchandise:


I know I am!!

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