Friday, 25 May 2012

Simple Love: My Jay Song

Sigh...I was going to cover Jay's guitar ballads or rap songs tonight but the situation being what it was, I did not have enough time to put together my usual in-depth! keep things simple, I thought I'd just post something very personal about ONE song. 
Yup. You heard song.

I believe every Jay fan has a song which struck him or her and made a long-lasting impression or triggered off the fandomania.
No different for yours truly and guess what mine is?? *clue is in the title of this post*

Anyway, I remember very clearly the circumstances when I first heard Simple Love aka Jian Dan Ai.
It was about a week after I had watched The Green Hornet and had acquired a few of Jay's albums, one of which was Fantasy.
I was getting ready for an organised run that particular was a Sunday.
I had already downloaded the album into my Walkman and it was my first time listening to it.
Love In BC was nice, followed by Father I Have Come Home.

Then came Track Three....and the opening notes hooked me straight away!
That guitar intro was just so cool!
And the song itself is so well-written in the sheer simplicity of its melody!
Jay's distinctive way of singing it and the chorus just prompts one to sing along....all these hit me as I listened and after the song ended, I simply HAD to replay it another....oh, about FOUR times before I could move on to Track was that powerful!
And that, I think, confirmed me as a certified Jay-maniac.

I cannot explain more than that the song was just plain COOL.
And till now, it remains THE song for me.

Here is the MV...but I'd suggest that first-timers listen without watching the MV. Just listen to the music...and feel the coolness! I love this song!!!

And when it's performed live in a concert, Simple Love is a sure winner!

From The One...note that in his early years, Jay had no qualms about wearing tank tops and showing off his well-proportioned arms. ;)

Incomparable concert...I think he wore a jacket 'cos it was cold and had been raining earlier on. I love how he moved around on stage and spoke to the fans during this performance. :)

And check out the frenzy at his Singapore concert in 2010...pardon the fan singing in the background. Her enthusiasm is very understandable! :))
Jay was such a sweetheart, shaking and slapping hands with the fans in the front rows! *envy*

Ok, I cannot say it enough.... I LOVE JIAN DAN AI!!!!!

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