Friday, 18 May 2012

Man With Many Hats

Ok..only one hat in that pic but you get the idea...I could not find a nice collage with him wearing different hats...yet. ;)

Ever since I got obsessed with Jay and discovered how he is waaay more than a mere singer/songwriter, it has been my burning ambition to write his biography in English, as I have not seen any such book in the stores. And darn many stars with much less fame time and lesser accomplishments get a book written about them after only one year...! *frown*

However, my skills are probably nowhere near enough to produce a paperback yet so the next best thing to do is to blog about him! It's a more informal way to express myself and I think I've gathered enough information from reading, watching, listening to and discussing all that's related to him over the past year.

Special thanks must go to the members on the Multistars forums, where I started to write and contribute in 2011...and learned a lot about how to post pics, links and vids. :)

Plus I've gathered a huge collection of vids on my youtube channel:,

Also bookmarked or noted a number of very good interviews and articles about him; gone through loads of archives on Jay Chou Studio, the best (and probably only) English Jay website/forum and acquired whatever merchandise is available, much of which I feel was pure serendipity. ;)

With all that in mind, I really wanted to construct my own interpretation of this DIAO and awesome guy, using all that I had researched and compiled to put an interesting online 'book' of sorts together. Come to think of it, no hard copy book about Jay would be complete without having an accompanying soundtrack or dvd, as he has just so much story to cover.
So a blog seems to be the best way to go, as I can insert pics, vids and links to other sites...and so far, I'm having a really good time getting this DIAOness together. :)

Just to give an idea of how multi-faceted Jay is, here is a list of his many roles and talents:

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (piano, cello, guitar, Western and Chinese drums, guzheng, and a bit of Chinese flute too), actor, director, talkshow host, magazine fashion model, a host of business ventures including restaurants, boutiques, dance school, music school, KTV lounge, countless endorsements, ASUS laptop designer...and his other main passions are cars, antiques, performing magic and playing basketball. 

Another reason I was nudged into this blog was a request from my friends to recommend some of Jay's songs for them to listen to and appreciate, after seeing how obsessed I had become with this Chinese fellow, after all my years of only listening to Western pop.

I shall be covering his music according to genres, instead of albums as Jay has really tried his hand at almost every style of music, imprinting his own distinctive take on his songs, as he fuses and mashes them up...almost always successfully.
I'll definitely have chapters on all the other aspects of His Royal DIAOness in due course as he is a true multi-hypenate like no other. But his music comes first. :)
By the way, I'm really truly grateful to Jacky Wu for giving Jay the chance he did in Alfa Music....but Mr Wu, you do realise by now that you were totally wrong about Jay not being handsome enough to be a pop star. I shall illustrate that in a later chapter. ;)

Here is a nice fanmade vid showcasing Jay's many talents but with a sweet note at the end about his renowned filial piety...enjoy!

And here is a very good feature by CNN in 2009, with the full TV interview in four clips below:

Interviewer speaks English, Jay replies in Mandarin but there's a voiceover in English of what he says. 

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