Saturday, 26 May 2012

Chou Style: Songs with a message

Jay doesn't just write sad songs and funny ones. I would like to present those which come with a message. :)

Snail aka Wo Niu with lyrics by Jay himself, is a very encouraging song about (what else?) a snail slowly moving up a tree to see the sun. It has a simple yet engaging melody, making it easy to sing along with.

It was also used in a commercial for a charitable cause, to support underprivileged kids:

A live performance of Snail (and Qi Li Xiang) from the 2005 MTV Asia Awards...beautiful piano playing from Jay.

Father I Have Come Home was written by Jay for a friend to tell the story of an abusive Dad and increase awareness of such domestic violence. With an enigmatic melody which is almost a lament, combined with rap and R&B style, it is one of his most well-known songs:

Terraced Field aka Di by Kelvin on Jay Chou Studio:
"The first time Jay composes with the joint sound of indigenous people, China vocal music, combining with the classic piano in music. Composing a new style adagio garrulous style of song, the lyrics are expressed in a funny and humorous way. Suggesting that the people's destruction of the environment is cruel, since the environment has been destroyed, the scenes from the past days are no longer. A very naughty start to the lyrics by Jay! The lyrics really describe in general how the countryside is being destroyed with the building of restaurants and other buildings. The voice of indigenous people adds to the effect, a very meaningful song."

And from his concert, combining both the above songs:

Final Battle aka Zui Hou De Zhan Yi, once again from Kelvin:
" By means of boundless strings narrating the friendship of buddies in the army who go through near death experiences. This is a present from Jay to his good friend. It is a symbol of their brotherly good friendship. I think this is one of the best songs on the album. The tune in it is great and the words are good too."
The sound of gunshots also inject a good dose of reality into the song. Beautiful melody and amazing chord progressions!

Now for something less depressing...Listen To Mother's Words, one of my absolute favourite Jay songs, which exemplifies his filial piety. It's a classic Jay rap with amazing background harmony and the lyrics are really cute yet meaningful!
And I love the MV!

This next song is another favourite of mine viz Fragrance of Rice aka Dao Xiang, with lyrics by Jay himself. It is an encouraging song about love, family and facing challenges. Another classic Jay rap with a simple melodic line based on the same eight-chord progression on guitar for the whole song but still sounding very fresh. Won the Golden Melody Award for Best Song in 2009.

And from his latest album comes The World Is Not Over Yet aka Shi Jie Wei Mo Ri, a soft rock Jay number about appreciating what we have now and not wait till the world is about to end....and that love will keep us going strong. Very natural and heartfelt singing from Jay here. Listen out for the sound of falling rain...I love that little touch!

And finally, this is Superman Can't Fly aka Chao Ren Bu Hui Fei, another slow Jay rap. It's very much from Jay's heart, expressing his own feelings, as Kelvin for JCS says:
"After many years suffering at the hands of the paparazzi and having to play the good guy every time, Jay finally expresses his true feelings through his song. Jay talks about his endless frustration with always being misunderstood and having to keep up with appearances. The lyrics are genuine and gives you an insight into how hard it is being a star as popular as Jay Chou. The song itself is in deceptively happy tone considering the lyrics, a big plus for the song is the superb background music during the bridge and the end."

There's still more music to share...keep watching this blog!


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