Monday, 28 May 2012

Chou Style: R&B

I must qualify that many of Jay's songs which I have covered thus far are also part R&B, but the following are some that are, to me, more distinctly so.

Love In BC aka Ai Zai Xi Yan Qian is an amazing R&B song, with very interesting lyrics by Vincent Fang about life in Mesopotamia. I find it quite impossible to sing, tho'....and Jay's signature mumbling style is just about perfect here. This is one song where just humming along will do. ;)

Cannot Speak aka Kai Bu Liao Kou is a slow number, with a bit of rap. The sound effects at the beginning of the song are's about a man going out into space, after all. The lyrics by Vivian Hsu are very meaningful. Very popular song at his concerts.

I love this live performance from The Era concert....Jay conducts a gigantic karaoke session!

Secret Signal aka An Hao is another song with an amazing melody. Jay loves mobile phones (or rather maybe 'cos he endorses them!) and this is yet another MV starring this device.

Live from The One...listen to the audience! And gosh....he was so cutely earnest then!

I wanted to put Nocturnes aka Ye Qu in the guitar ballads as it has an awesome guitar intro (and bridge) but I think it's more R&B, with a classic Jay rap in the chorus. It's a sad song mourning a dead lover; Vincent's lyrics are, as usual...rather interesting.

This next one is one of my favourite KTV songs 'cos it's singable! White Windmill aka Bai Se Feng Che, with lyrics by Jay himself, has a nice melody and feel and I love the seamless modulations between the verses and the chorus.

Now for a song which Jay wrote to express the difficulties celebs face in maintaining a relationship due to constant public scrutiny and pappz. I'm Not Worthy aka Wo Bu Pei is one of his most popular R&B songs and the MV brings the message across well.

And yet another beautiful live performance from The Era concert for Wo Bu Pei....I love how he improvises words, music, everything!

Jay wrote the next song Mine Mine whilst improvising on Wo Bu Pei and if you read the lyrics closely, I feel it is definitely a sequel to the first song. Mine Mine is from his latest album and has a mix of Mandarin, English and Taiwanese dialect. I love it and am not put off by the autotune (unlike many fans) as I felt Jay used it very well to enhance his voice and add to the feel of the song.
The MV is amazing too....Jay's dancing is really sharp and my jaw just dropped when I saw the piano!

When I first heard Give Me Time For One Song aka Gei Wo Yi Shou Ge De Shi Jian, I could not believe it was a Chinese song. It has such a smooth groove and the lyrics (by Jay) are incredibly romantic...more so in Chinese.

And this live performance by Jay and Jolin at The Era concert thrilled the fans no end!

One thing's for certain...Jay is never boring!

More to come in subsequent posts. ;)

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