Sunday, 27 May 2012

Chou Style: Guitar Ballads

Ahhh...that is one of my fave pics of Mr Chou, taken from his LOUD Festival concert here in 2011!

Today's post will cover some of what I like to call his guitar ballads; they all start off with a guitar intro and have a sing-along feel to them. :)

Clear Stars aka Xing Qing. Best expressed by Kelvin from Jay Chou Studio:
"This has got to be one of Jay's most memorable songs. The rhythm is slow and catchy. I think the best part of this song is the first couple of lines. Jay has really done well with the backing vocals. The song is very soothing to the ears. The words match perfectly with the song as it is about nature and Jay talks about imaginary things such as riding the wind. Highly recommended."

Live from his The One concert in Taipei:

Return To The Past aka Hui Dao Guo Qu, again best reviewed by Kelvin from Jay Chou Studio:
" Written by Jay's good friend. It draws out the time when people are quiet in the deep night. Grieve over the feeling of lonely love. This song was used in the One2free advert. I love the chorus to this song. This is a slow song and it has a sad feeling to it."

And live from his Incomparable concert where he looked and sounded really sweet, especially when he did his famed lyric improvs at the end to thank the fans....who gave him a resounding response!

Fine Day aka Qing Tian is a popular song, lyrics by Jay himself with a bit of slow rap thrown in. About lost love and the MV features Jay with his first on-screen kiss...he was quite shy. ;)

And here is one of my absolute favourites, Rainbow aka Cai Hong, a song which is an extension of one the tracks from the Secret soundtrack. Jay wrote the lyrics as well; it has a very nice melody and he sings it beautifully!
I love this one!!

Romantic Mobile Phone aka Lang Man De Shou Ji is a song about a couple meeting through a (what else??) mobile phone. The MV is very nice. And Jay looks really sweet in it!

Black Sweater aka Hei Se Mao Yi has a lovely accoustic guitar intro and a very flowing melody. It's very nice when played on the piano too.

Love's Flight Diary aka Ai De Fei Xing Ri Ji is a duet with Gary Yang which I like very much. I first heard it whilst watching his The Era concert dvd and the melody immediately struck me with its  characteristic simplicity.

Long Time No See aka Hao Jiu Bu Jian is a more jazzy number and comes with a cute MV with Jay dancing!

Time Machine aka Shi Guang Ji, a very singable number about childhood stuff...look out for the Doraemon guitar!

Live performance of this from The Era:

Le to get back to the real world!

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