Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Chou Style: MV EPIC-ness!

Hehe...that pic comes from one of the MVs which I'll be discussing for this post...doesn't he look so cute and shy, dancing with Zhou Xun?? Of course, that view of his adorable left-cheek dimple is the icing on the face...oops, I mean cake. ;)

But I'm getting carried away even before I begin....apologies!

The seven music videos I am covering tonight are what I refer to as Jay's more complicated MVs or maybe they should be renamed Movie Videos, as each one is like a compressed movie, with a plot, storyline, action and of course, Jay's awesome music.
To be fair, some of the previous MVs I have shared in my earlier posts are also quite amazing but these seven, I feel, have more EPIC-ness to them. Probably because Jay also spared no expense to use the best locations he could find for some, including European cities and the best special effects he could get for the others.
NB: I shall try not to 'spoil' the storyline of the MVs as I feel that they've been directed very well and pretty much tell the story when watched carefully.

I shall begin with an MV which is widely regarded as one of the best songs he has written, with a MV to match. This is In The Name Of The Father aka Yi Fu Zhi Ming, a Godfather-like story set in (where else?) Rome and yes, the MV was shot on location, complete with Italian actors. With a mixture of rap, R&B, organ and even an operatic voice, this is a most unusual song and I guarantee you....that "Ahhhh....." will stick in your memory...lol!
Translation: http://www.jaychoustudio.com/jay-chou-translations/in-the-name-of-the-father/45

From the same album that Yi Fu Shi Ming came from, here is another very cool MV for Third Year Second Class aka San Nian Er Ban, a story about table tennis rivalry in school. This is a popular sport amongst the Chinese and Jay used the sounds of ping-pong balls very creatively here. He also has some brilliant moves with the bat!
Translation: http://www.jaychoustudio.com/jay-chou-translations/third-year-class-two/48

Now for the song/MV from which the pic at the top comes from viz Attacked From Four Sides aka Si Mian Chu Ge which is Jay using his music to attack the papparazzi who love to hound him. This was shot on location in Venice with Chinese actress, Zhou Xun and I love Jay's total 'look' here!
Translation: http://www.jaychoustudio.com/jay-chou-translations/attacked-from-all-sides/83

I shall now present Twilight's Chapter Seven aka Ye De Di Qi Zhang, yet another very interesting mini-movie about detectives solving a murder case....with a twist at the end. This one comes with a ten-minute extended version as well....how epic is that??
Rap and operatic singing also feature here and the tune will linger in your mind.
Translation: http://www.jaychoustudio.com/jay-chou-translations/twilights-chapter-seven/96

First , the 'normal'-length version:

This is the ten-minute extended version:

Now for a MV using loads of CGI and Jay being all heroic on a motorbike and wielding guns to save a damsel in distress viz Dragon Rider aka Long Zhan Qi Shi. He looks a little weird with that hairdo here but as usual, his coolness wins the day.
Translation: http://www.jaychoustudio.com/jay-chou-translations/dragon-rider/125

From his tenth album The Era, comes the title track featuring Jay as a vampire. Personally, this is not one of my favourite songs but for completion's sake, I will share it here if not for anything else but that he plays the piano in the MV. ;)
However, Jay has mentioned in interviews that he hopes his music will remain timeless and last forever, like a vampire...and I'd say that's a sure bet, looking at the way things have been going.
Translation: http://www.jaychoustudio.com/jay-chou-translations/the-era/135

And finally, here is a MV totally unlike any of the previous ones in this post and yet like another one...trust Jay to do something like that....
This is Exclamation Point aka Jing Tan Hao, the title track from his latest album and it is a tongue-in-cheek dig at a certain tabloid in Taiwan. Once again, Jay is poking fun at the papparazzi but this MV is totally computer-generated! With a heavy rock feel, this song is great when played really loud!
Translation: http://www.jaychoustudio.com/jay-chou-translations/exclamation-mark/146

Gosh....all that EPICness is killing me!!

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