Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Updates: Surfing, Will's book and false claims

Guess who that cool dude on the surfboard is??
Apparently, that was his first time surfing and he could still pose! 
Will Liu posted this pic and it was not long before fans everywhere started sharing, with the universal sentiment being:

"Jay! So you are not afraid of water after all!"

Remember Hydrophobic Sailor? 
And how he often confesses that he does not like the water because of several 'incidents' when he was a child.
He even made his character, Kato in The Green Hornet a non-swimmer.

Looks like he has conquered his fear to the extent of enjoying this activity with his friends and of course, Hannah. 
Yup, just a few days before, Hannah had shared her own surfing pics. :)

Nice couple, ya? ;)


Will Liu has written a book on fitness and old pals Jay and Vincent were on hand to help promote. :)


With Jay having more or less confirmed that he will be getting married to Hannah soon, it is not surprising that all and sundry will be trying their luck to hop on the bandwagon so as to get publicity.
There were unsubstantiated reports from certain news networks about Jay's apparent wedding plans but those were soon shot down by JVR Music, which issued an official statement to refute such rumours.

I'm glad that JVR reacted as quickly as they did as this sort of thing will likely occur more often than not in the coming months as the media try and outscoop each other for the wedding of Taiwan's most beloved son and eligible bachelor.
After all, a recent poll had indicated that Jay was the star whom most women in Taiwan wanted to marry. ;)

Looking at these pics below, I can understand why, to a certain extent.....

That's it for now.
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