Monday, 15 September 2014

Jay Chou: Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am on 14092014 (Updated)

When I first heard that His Royal Diaoness was attending a golf event in Shanghai, my first thought naturally was:

"Does Jay even play golf??"

I have never seen him holding a golf club in any photos nor heard anything about him golfing. 
Of course, his partner and manager in JVR Music, Yang Junrong does and I have often wondered if he had invited Jay to do so. 
But then again, Jay has ankylosing spondylitis, which affects his back badly at times and golf would definitely not be advisable for him.

I suppose he was there to up the star quotient of the event and he duly obliged by posing with the clubs plus trying to sink some putts on stage.
I do not know whether he succeeded. the new album might be delayed but not his wedding?
I am sure there will be many dismayed fans who have been waiting for Album #13 like FOREVER.
It was supposed to have been released in March.....but here we are in September and nary a sign of it. 
From what I gather, he has been recording but with so many other roles jostling for his time, I am not surprised that he has not been able to get down to putting his whole heart and soul into this. 

My two cents' worth?
I think he is setting his priorities right for now and since he and Hannah are keen to start a family, the sooner they get married, the better. 

Here are some nice pics and more can be found on my album on the Facebook Page:


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