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Jay Chou: Global Ambassador for Hear And Say 14092014 (Updated)

In a separate event on the same day in Shanghai viz 14 September 2014, Jay was presented with his appointment as a Global Ambassador for Hear And Say Worldwide!

Hear And Say is a Brisbane-based non-profit organisation founded by Dr Dimity Dornan AO, which helps hearing-impaired children, not just in Australia but also in the rest of the world. 
Their goals are to improve detection of hearing loss in the newborns and infants so as to facilitate early intervention which in turn would lead to better learning abilities and integration with the community at large. 

Jay with the Lord Mayor of Brisbane City Council, Graham Quirk:

Media release about Jay's appointment (received with thanks from another Ambassador):

Media Release:

Shanghai and Brisbane relationship strengthened

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has announced singer, songwriter, actor and film producer Jay Chou as the new ambassador for ‘Hear and Say Worldwide’, during his business mission to Shanghai.
近日,布里斯班市长格兰姆•库克(Graham Quirk)在率领工商业代表团访问上海期间,宣布任命著名华语流行男歌手、词曲创作人、演员及电影制作人周杰伦先生为‘听与说 Hear and Say Worldwide’全球机构的新一任大使。

The Lord Mayor said ‘Hear and Say’ is one of the leading Paediatric Auditory-Verbal and cochlear implant centres in the world and since its inception in Brisbane 20 years ago, has taught thousands of deaf children to listen and speak.

“‘Hear and Say’ is a fantastic organisation with the drive to make a difference to the 32 million children worldwide with preventable or treatable hearing loss, and Jay Chou’s involvement, given his enormous following across Asia and beyond, will be a huge boost to its profile,” Cr Quirk said.
“‘听与说Hear and Say’机构的伟大构想是改变全世界范围内3200万名可预防或可治疗的失听儿童现状,作为一位在亚洲及其他地区都有着极高人气的偶像明星,周杰伦先生的参与将会对该机构的发展产生巨大的促进作用,”库克议员说道。

“The appointment of Jay Chou as Worldwide Ambassador signals a new direction for the organisation in Asia, with projects planned in Korea early next year that has the potential to improve the lives of 70,000 deaf children.”

Jay Chou said he was looking forward to working with the Australian organisation, ‘Hear and Say’ to help raise public awareness of the important issue.
周杰伦先生说他也很期待与‘听与说Hear and Say’这家澳洲机构进行合作,提升关注并帮助听力有障碍的儿童这个公众议题。

“I’ve always been very concerned about children’s charity and becoming an ambassador for an organisation like ‘Hear and Say’ is a wonderful opportunity to help children suffering from a hearing loss,” Mr Chou said.
“我一直以来都很关注儿童的公益慈善,此次担任澳洲‘听与说Hear and Say’机构的全球大使,希望藉此呼吁公众更加关注听力上有损伤的小朋友。”周杰伦先生说道。

“I visited Brisbane earlier this year following my Australian concert and it's a beautiful city with a great vibe about it."

"If you cannot hear, you cannot learn. So a child with complete hearing loss will be deaf and dumb. If a child has partial hearing loss, he or she will also have poor speech development." --- Associate Prof Henry Tan, KKH Women and Children's Hospital, Singapore.

Therein lies the importance of early detection of hearing loss in newborns and infants.

I am sure that Jay, with his innate musicality which relies on a good ear, can understand how difficult it must be for children who cannot hear.
NB: It is not as significant as for adults. (Beethoven could compose music even when he became deaf later in life!)

It is interesting to note that Hannah, her father Patrick and her grandfather, Laurence are all Ambassadors for Hear And Say. :)

Looks like it is now a true family affair for Hear And Say!

Link to a vid about Hannah's, Patrick's and Laurence's involvement at Hear And Say:

Here's to Jay playing a big part in this worthy cause! 

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