Sunday, 14 September 2014

TiinLab and Opus Jay Taiyuan

Two quick updates for this post.

Jay attended a TiinLab event in Beijing on 12 September 2014.
During the interviews, he mentioned that fans could look forward to his wedding but his new album
would come first. ;)

He was also spotted wearing two rings on his LEFT hand, sparking speculation as to their significance.
After all, the gigantic fashion ring on his right index finger was nothing new.
But these two certainly were.
No further hints came from him, though.

Link to a TiinLab vid showing Jay putting his headphones to good use:

More pics here:



OPUS JAY Taiyuan

Jay went on to Taiyuan after TiinLab for OPUS JAY.

Vids are not available yet.
Will upload when they are.


Heavy duty vehicle for him in Taiyuan!
A far cry from the usual car or minibus!


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