Sunday, 7 September 2014

Diaoness Updates: PHANTACi Lookbook; OPUS 2 Guangzhou; Mid-Autumn Festival!

Hahaha....we finally realised what he was doing in the Maldives in August!
And I thought he was hydrophobic??
I guess shallow waters are fine with him. :)

Lots more cool pics for the PHANTACi Summer Trip With Jay Lookbook here on my Facebook album:


OPUS 2 Guangzhou was yet another concert with a difference in a few ways.

He sang a seldom-requested song, Her Eyelashes:

He spoke some Cantonese and got Yuxun to improvise a song in Cantonese!

Seems the weather was  too hot for His Royal Diaoness to bear and so he parted ways with his jacket during the energetic Secret/Rooftop segment!

All I can say is that he better be prepared for heat and humidity in Singapore and Malaysia too when he returns for OPUS 2 in November, as he will be performing in outdoor arenas.
The weather then is supposed to be cooler but hey....we are in the tropics and no matter what, it can get pretty hot then too.
Here's to more sleeveless Jay!



Tomorrow is the actual Mid-Autumn Festival!

I must always post this clip of Jay dancing and beatboxing when this festival rolls around:

And him singing Moonlight On The Rooftop at OPUS JAY 2013 in Hongkong:

Have a good one!

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