Thursday, 28 February 2013

DIAOness Update: The Rooftop 天台

Doesn't he look SOOOOO CUTE in that pic???? :D

And check this swoonworthy one out (you've been warned!) of him and Alan Kuo:

Looks like His Royal DIAOness will show all the fruits of his hard work and training for this movie!
The last time he went topless was actually in Initial D...where he was definitely not as toned nor tanned. Omg...I'm so gonna faint when I watch this movie! 

Link to the JCS archives about this:

The trailer looks fantastic and has me all excited already with the music and the sheer originality of it all. I don't think there has been a Chinese movie like this...ever! Hurry up, June 2013!!!

Here are more pics to whet your appetites:

"Who's that girl??" is the question on the tip of everybody's tongue! Jay's not telling!

And just to remind you of what he REALLY looks like...le swoon...

And his erm...doppelganger in Mdm Tussaud'! Gotta love Jay and his Mum!

Here's to The Rooftop!!!!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Jay Chou Autograph Session in Hongkong [24/03/2013]

Jay was in Hongkong for an autograph session on 24 February 2013 and as usual, drew large crowds to watch and line up for that treasured meet-up and precious signature on their albums. :)

Reports numbered the fans at three thousand strong and Jay laughingly promised to autograph last year's album in addition to OPUS 12, at which the emcee remarked that he was breaking all the rules which had been put in place for the fans. :)

So handsome!


As it was the 15th day of the Chinese New Year aka Yuan Xiao Jie, Jay partook of some traditional tang yuan as befitting the occasion.


Jay also thrilled the crowd with his performance of Hong Chen Ke Zhan (Red Dust Inn), where he made sure to greet all the fans who were on the upper levels. :)


And then came the autograph session proper where Jay walked down from the stage to sign for wheelchair-bound fans. :)

Look how earnest he is when signing...oh and here's DIMPLE ALERT YET AGAIN!!!!!!

And here's what the signed stuff looks like: *envy*

Fancam vid of Jay signing:

And here's a lovely shot of His Royal DIAOness to end off...le sigh....lucky HK fans!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

DIAOness Updates: Concert, DJ, Grandma,

So what else is new??

Ticket sales for His Royal DIAOness started on the morning of 19 February 2013 at 10am.
Which in the natural order of things soon led to frustration and confusion for some fans (who were unsuccessful in getting them) yet for others, there was overwhelming relief and unbridled joy after getting their eager hands on those precious pieces of paper.

Methinks the organisers should have just outright booked him for three shows with allowance for a fourth...which would also very likely sell-out. ;)
However, it must be noted that some of those who bought up the tickets were selfish and profiteering scammers who proceeded to put up the tickets on ebay and other sites for atrocious prices.
I'm not sure what the organisers could possibly do about them, though, as desperate fans would be willing to part with their money for these black market tickets if they were simply unable to get them through proper channels.

We shall now watch and see what happens next Tuesday.

Jay had another DJ-ing session on Chinese New Year's Eve where he played songs by The Drifters, Cindy, Lara and Selina Jen in addition to his own. :)

And an endearing report about how he spent Chinese New Year:

Jay declined to perform for CNY eve concert to spend time with his grandma in Xinzhu as she does not travel around much ever since her fall from a bus two years ago. So he has been going there for the past two CNYs. His mum prepared about 200 signed photos for relative, friends and neighbours.
His appearance there attracted hordes of neighbours who wanted to have their photos taken with him and it became a huge photography session for more than an hour.
Jay graciously agreed and did not refuse anyone.
He said he was not tired. Of more concern to him was that his grandma is well and happy.
Re his 8pack, he was not worried about the CNY feasting as he will resume his exercise regime after this to maintain his physique. :)


Thursday, 14 February 2013


Here comes our Golden Iron Man for the OPUS JAY 2013 WORLD TOUR!!!!!

He looks sooo young with that blond hair and that costume!!!

Anyway, the buzz has already started:

And this:

Link to the news feature:

And the organisers, Multimedia Entertainment's announcements:

TV Spot:

And on their website:

Link to the website:

Here's a recap of what happened in 2010 when Jay singlehandedly crashed the Sistic website on the first day of ticket sales, which forced the organisers to add on not one, but TWO concerts, all of which sold out in a recordbreaking 5 hours!
Not to mention atrociously-priced black market tickets which appeared on ebay and other sites not long after!
I really hope the organisers and Sistic are better prepared this year to avoid a repeat of that fiasco.
It does appear that they have, by setting two nights instead of just one (as in 2010) but I have a feeling the tickets are still going to be sold out SUPER FAST...mark my words. ;)
And will we see a THIRD show being added??

I know for a fact that many fans will be standing by their comps and laptops on the morning of Feb 19, all ready to hit the website for those precious tickets. :)

Update on 15 Feb from M1:

"Terms & Conditions

1. Present the M1 logo on your device or the latest M1 bill at any SISTIC outlets to enjoy the priority booking.
2. Priority booking is valid from 19 - 21 February 2013.
3. Ticket sale is subject to availability and while stocks last. Each customer can purchase a maximum of 8 tickets.
4. Offer is not valid with other discounts and promotions. M1 reserves the right to vary any terms and conditions without prior notice."

Update on 17 Feb:

I'll end off here with two cute Valentine pics of Jay:

Yup, I'll just imagine that those lovely balloons are for moi. ;)

And the flowers too...

My OPUS 12 Piano Covers

One major reason I love OPUS 12 so much is the number of beautifully melodius songs on the tracklist, which is a far cry from Exclamation Mark and also a little more than for his other albums.
In fact, for Exclamation Mark, I did not even have any inclination to sit down at the piano and work out the music by ear. The only two songs there which were possibly suitable were Mine Mine and How Are You.
But somehow, the urge to play them on the piano was just not there.
For one thing, I found it quite challenging trying to work out the chords for How Are You. 

But for OPUS 12, it was completely different.
I know some fans who were not happy with the number of ballads on the album, preferring instead that Jay should have had more edgy rap songs.
But the majority of his fans (including myself) love his ballads and slow songs, which are also definitely more play-able on the piano so it has been quite a joy for me to work out the melody and accompaniment for five of the  songs from OPUS 12 and I would like to share them here.

Hope you guys enjoy listening!

This is my playlist on youtube (but I'm also posting the vids separately):

哪里都是你 na li dou shi ni You Are Everywhere.

明明就 ming ming jiu:

爱你没差 ai ni mei cha Love You No Matter What:

手语 shou yu Sign Language:

红尘客栈 hong chen ke zhan Red Dust Inn:

Added on 19 Feb:

大笨钟 da ben zhong Big Ben

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lunar New Year greetings from Jay!

Here are two Lunar New Year greetings from HIs Royal DIAOness!

In the first one, 
He encourages all to keep fit during this period of feasting and to go up on the rooftop to get more fresh air and to yell out your hopes for the new year so as to make them come true! If you don't have a rooftop, you can go to your friend's house. :)

In the second one, he wishes every one a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Jay declined the invitation to perform at the CCTV Beijing New Year's Eve concert.
I'm glad...he should spend more time with his family and loved ones, especially with his upcoming world tour concerts.

Happy Lunar New Year to all my fellow Jay fans too!!

May your Jay hopes and wishes come true!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Jay Chou: AIYO DJ on 8 February!

Jay was on-air again last night as AIYO DJ.

He talked about how he likes to use different sound effects eg ping pong balls, the chugging train here. Like for Train Of Four Seasona where he also did the arrangement for this song. 
He also played Loveable Woman again. :)

 A Larger Cello. Animal sounds for the Dutch effect. 

Plays Cowboy Very Busy.

Use of human voice...Ju Pao in every album and plays snippets to show examples
Father I Am Home
Iron Box of Island
Third Year Second Class.
Jiang Jun
Piao Yi...same laughter as Dou Niu
Hong Mo Fang
Mr Magic
Free Instructional Video
Princess Syndrome
Gong Gong 

Ju Pao is from Nan Quan Ma Ma and now his backstage staff at concerts
Vincent...the voice shouting out "Gong gong!!!"

Fan Q:

Self-directed and acted idol drama?
Will be doing Rooftop
Please support!
Plays Pandamen theme!'s actually the first time I'm listening to it properly...not bad!

Fan Q:

When is he coming to Kaohsiung?
Plays Nick Tse's song, Old it!
Fond memories of the concert where Nick made an unexpected appearance right at the beginning of the concert!
Kaohsiung concert probably end of this year or beginning of next year. 
Hopes Nick Tse will sing again, instead of being in movies.

Fan Q:

Who he thinks should win the Hit Fm...chart?
Jolin...very hardworking
End of year...himself!
Plays You Are Everywhere
Explains again about how his old songs hold a deeper place in fans' hearts and minds because of the memories associated with them. But given time, this will also happen for OPUS 12. He said the same thing during the Yahoo Entertainment interview. :)

Sunshine Homeboy for everyone
Aiyo Weiya DJ...Xiao Mai!
Jay says he can do it himself
Xiao Mai wishes everyone

What will Xiao Mai listen to over the New Year?
Classic and Popular
Jay playing keyboard a New Year song.
Starts off with a classical piece in A minor (a two-part invention by JS Bach, one of my faves)...and goes into a Chinese New Year song..improvising beautifully as usual!

He also says being a DJ is not easy, having to do multiple things at the same time.
But still jokes that it's better to be a solo host. ;)

Ends with a New Year greeting and Ukelele!




Wednesday, 6 February 2013

DIAOness Updates: Signing, wax, concert poster!

Here are some exciting news updates from the past few days!!

Seems like Hongkong has no end of great Jay stuff.

He'll be there on 24 Feb for a signing session for OPUS 12:

Jay has been immortalised in wax (again), this time in Hongkong.

Link to a good article:

And this is apparently the concert poster for his World Tour!!
Jay is indeed the Golden Iron Man!
Omg...he looks so DIAO (and young!). :)

And to end with more awesome pics of His Royal DIAONess:

Omg..look at that manly chest!!


Awww again!!

Till the next post...tra la la!!