Monday, 26 August 2013

Skinny Jay/ Rooftop restaurant

So after his 'tattoo' pic which upset some fans no end whilst others (like moi) were pretty cool about it and his subsequent clarification, things appeared to settle down as more news of Jay started coming out.

Who was to know that the next set of pics and weibo tweets via his Mr J Restaurants would cause even more of a universal uproar when this appeared, accompanied by the following message:

杰倫:拜腸胃炎所賜 出道以來 最瘦一次59公斤 我到底該哭還該笑 怎麼最近毛病這麼多呀 

Jay: "Thanks to my recent bout of gastroenteritis, my weight dropped to its lowest ever at 59kg. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Why have I had so many illnesses lately?"

P/S: 59 freaking kg?? He weighs the same as me now! How can that be???

And these:

Posts taken from my Jay Chou Diaoness Page:

Jay says his new album will be released in the Spring of 2014 with MVs for every song.
When asked why he must do that, he said it can't be helped; it's in his nature to be 好胜 (hao sheng/ victorious).

Aiyo...he does look rather run-down in this photo. That bout of gastroenteritis must have been very bad. But he reassured the interviewer that his 8-pack is even more well-defined now and that he would be at his best for OPUS JAY in Chongqing in November.

His spirit is still strong!
Go Jay!

He looked a little rundown in those pics, maybe also due to the outfit which was loose and seemed to hang on him.

The pics were going viral on Facebook, with one and all the fans unanimously lamenting about how much weight he had lost and urging him to eat more and take better care of his health.

Incidentally, this pic was also online:

Of course, I could not resist using it to send him a message:

"Yes, Jay. Please eat more and regain some weight! We're all really concerned about you!"

Well, he appeared at a Kaspersky event in Beijing this afternoon, looking better but fans were still encouraging him to be less skinny. :)

On a brighter note, Jay has opened a new Rooftop-themed restaurant in Taipei!


No. 69, Section 4, Zhōngxiào East Rd, Daan District Taipei City, Taiwan 106

Any of you going to Taiwan, do go and share your experiences with us!

Let's hope his appetite is back to normal and he goes around to check out all his restaurants and partake of all the good food there.

He has a punishing schedule coming up in September, with two OPUS JAY concerts in Taiwan and NINE shows in Hongkong! The mind boggles!

I shall end off this post with a nice pic of him and his dimple, together with a prayer for him to get stronger for the challenges ahead:

You guys take care too! 


  1. Does the 'tattoo' real? Because I thought it's fake since all these while he always paint it and will not having a real ones.

    Ahh.... Jay, please take good care of health! He does looks skinny!

    1. Don't worry; the tattoo was not real. Jay clarified that in another post.
      Yes, he has previously stated that he would never have a real one and I knew he would not go back on that. :)


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