Sunday, 4 August 2013

Jay Chou Diaoness on Facebook

I hope many of you have visited my Facebook Page for The Rooftop:

I had great fun doing it, although when I started, I did not really know what to expect as it was my first time doing a Page.
But, honestly, I did it because I was getting so much information and pics from all the News Feeds and I wanted to share it with other Jay fans, especially those who do not understand Chinese.

However, I also realised that The Rooftop will not go on forever.
The excitement will gradually and naturally subside over time as Jay moves on with other projects.
But I had enjoyed administering the Page so much that I was wont to just let it go like that.
However, Facebook rules did not allow for a name change for a Page with more than 200 Likes and I had already garnered more than 500 by the time I was thinking about what to do beyond The Rooftop.

So I did the next most logical thing:

I started a new Page for non-Rooftop stuff and decided to name it Jay Chou Diaoness, after this blog which I have had a ball writing.

Like I said earlier, sharing Jay stuff on Facebook had become most enjoyable (almost addictive!) with The Rooftop Page and now I am taking it a step further to include as much as I can of his activities, photos and what-have-you.

Here is the link:

Do hop on to the Page and Like/Share with as many friends as you can!
It would be amazing to have a lively and happening Page in English for Jay so that when he sees it, he will know how much we love and support him!

See you on Jay Chou Diaoness soon!!!

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