Sunday, 5 June 2016

Updates: Now You See Me 2; Bedtime Stories; Fubon; Sony Xperia X; Family

1. Now You See Me 2

Now You See Me 2, featuring our Jay in a supporting role opens this month worldwide; 16 June in Singapore. There have been some early reviews in and clips and teasers online.

Jay mentioned in review:

NYSM2 Light Show with Jay being utterly cool and cute!

NYSM2 MV 120s, featuring a new song by Jay and Vincent Fang, incorporating Chinese-style, rap and hip hop. It has shades of Long Quan, Yang Ming Shan and Luan Wu Chun Qiu, coupled with Chinese and English lyrics. Interspersing scenes from the movie with casino antics and dancing, it is, once again, a more conventional MV, which after the surreal and artistic Lover From A Past Life felt a little of a downer for me. But enjoy it I did nonetheless.
NB: This song will also be on Jay's new album.

Audio clip of Jay speaking English in the movie:

Yes, that is the extent the fans will go to...haha!
Love his spoken English!
Wish the director had given him more screen time. :(

And this just cracks me!

2. Jay Chou's Bedtime Stories aka Album #14

I had gotten a hint a couple of months back from a reliable source that Jay's new album would have something to do with bedtime stories. With his new fatherhood status, this did not sound at all surprising to me then and of course, sweet images of Jay reading stories to kids started floating through my mind's eye.
Until JVR released the following photos....which, in true Jay Chou fashion, are NOTHING at all like what one would traditionally associate with the simple bedtime story.

First up, was this with Victorian era beds and Jay wearing pajamas and the strangest looking black top hat with bunny ears!
My friends' reactions ranged from 'so eerie' to 'Halloween feel' to 'Harry Potter' to 'weird'.
There was some explanation in the post, referencing the movie, The Exorcist from the 1970s and after some thought, perhaps Jay is channelling a character which helps to get rid of one's demons and nightmares using bedtime stories?
The album will be available for preorder on 8 June and released on 24 June.
As with any Jay Chou product, fans can expect different versions in CD and USB format.
The storybook packaging and accompanying merchandise have already gotten the fans all excited and lamenting that their wallets are once again, going to have a huge hole. ;)

Check out Jay's all-pink ensemble....the shoes just kill me!

What a get-up, complete with the 'bony' glove! Only Jay can do this and still look cool.

Hello Asia has a write-up on the album:

Listen to a sneak hint of the title track in this promo clip from JVR ("Before you go to bed, listen to Jay Chou"):

Shades of Twilight Chapter Seven and that owl hooting reminds me of Harry Potter. ;)
Can't wait!

And there he is in skirt-pants again!

3. Fubon community service


3. SonyXperia X

Oh... the Diaoness!

Sony Xperia X 40s commercial:

Sony Xperia X Behind the scenes:

4. Miscellaneous articles which show Jay's commitment to his wife and daughter.

Jay stop performing?

Hannah on motherhood and love

More from Hannah:

"Put your hands up!"

NB: Tonight's big event is the Hito FM awards.
Watch out for updates tomorrow and thereafter on the Page, followed by this blog!

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