Monday, 30 May 2016

MV for 前世情人Lover From The Past and Hito FM press conference

The countdown to Jay's new MV had begun with this photo which his official FB Page released during the day of 29 May 2016, with the message to fans to hurry home to listen to the new song.

Lots of guessing games were going on.
Would it be a song for Hannah? Or Hathaway? Or both?
Would he feature any other usual suspects viz Ah Du, Nini, Darren.....?

Well, all was revealed at midnight when the MV was released and wow!

Watch and listen to the very end:

I could almost hear all the squeals of delight and outbursts of "AWW! So sweet!!!" throughout the Jay Chou fandom as one and all revelled in a song which began life as a little ditty 'played' by Hathaway at the tender age of 4 months!

Remember this video which Hannah had posted?

Fans and Hannah had nudged him to improvise a song from those random notes so he dutifully listened to the whole snippet and realised he could do exactly that.....not surprising as he has been known to churn out a whole piece of music just based on 3 random notes...!

He decided to ask Huang Junlang (who wrote lyrics for songs like Twilight's Chapter 7, In The Name Of The Father) to contribute the lyrics for this song, focusing on a father's love.
I'd say he did a wonderful job, with deeply meaningful verses which express a father's feelings amazingly.
Even more amazing was my friend, Audrey's translation on the spot for those of us who do not read Chinese so well (or at all!).
Well, not quite on the spot.
She worked on it way past her bedtime and even came up with a beautiful background to put the lyrics on.
Thank you so much, Audrey!


"There is a girl, her name is Hathaway.
When she was four months old, she played a melody.
I am so proud of her. my daughter."

Heart melts at those words!

I consider this one of Jay's more surreal and artistic MVs, with its deviation from the usual depiction of people in situational dramas or singing and dancing.
The melody and mood of the song is brought out perfectly by the shadow images flowing seamlessly through with Huang Junlang's poetic lyrics prominently displayed, but not so much as to be obstrusive.

Needless to say, I replayed the MV at least 20 times before I reluctantly decided that sleep was important too and I had to work the next day!

News links from the local media:

Jay spoke about the MV at the Hito press conference on 30 May 2016.
Some interesting soundbites:
"She (Hathaway) just played it randomly. I am the talented one."
"Will I cry at her wedding? Unlikely."
"She is credited in the MV. Otherwise she might sue me in future."
"I want her to think I'm DIAO when she is grown up."

He is due to attend the awards ceremony on 5 June and says he will release another new song/MV next week. Can't wait!


Full vid:

More pics from the event:

And a nice one to round off this post.

Good night and sweet dreams!