Friday, 13 May 2016

Updates: China Super Vocal; MV for Stolen Love; OPUS JAY DVD; NYSM2; Yoghurt and more!

LOTS to post for this update so I'll have to be short and sharp and not ramble on too much.

China Super Vocal 2016

Jay's promo his outfit and hair!

Mother's Day message from Jay

MV for Stolen Love 窃爱 


Link to an article about the MV and the DVD:

Stolen Love is one of my favourite songs from the album and the MV does not disappoint either!

Behind-the-scenes of an OPUS JAY concert, showing the crew and Jay in lighter moments while working hard to bring us a slick ,smooth and sensational production:

More behind the scenes:

Remember those abs??

And that piano?

The most beautiful and breathtaking segment from OPUS JAY viz Sign Language:

Three versions:

Now You See Me 2

Some new pics....our Jay loves to stand like so... ;)

Wonder what he's saying to them...ah well, all will be revealed on 16 June for us in Singapore.
Drat! Why not 10 June??


Besieged in the US

Everywhere our Jay goes, there the fans are...

Yi Li You yoghurt

This has to be one of THE COOLEST commercials ever!
Directed by Ryan Staake and featuring a chain reaction of events, including a rolling piano, it is so unique and a joy to watch. :)

The commercial:

Behind the scenes:

Part 1:

Part 2 (more of Jay):

YouGov Most Admired Personalities

Not sure what exactly this poll is but our Jay came in at No 19!

Jay and basketball

He has to play basketball when he's back in Taiwan:

New signature hand gesture??

Photo shoot in Shanghai for another commercial....with the Korean director:

Another promo:

PHANTACi latest:

Sigh...wish he would lose the facial hair...

Le sigh....


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