Saturday, 18 June 2016

Updates: MV for Should Not Be; Bedtime Stories Press Conference and Radio Storyteller

The MV for Jay's new song was scheduled to be released on the stroke of midnight, 17 June 2016.
However, JVR Music had to push forward the timing due to a leak of the song online.
Social media was abuzz with a link to an audio version in the late afternoon and fans were elated when they realised it was a duet with none other than A-mei, with whom Jay has frequently collaborated with in concerts but not on an album.
Previous duets on his studio albums had always been with his JVR team mates eg Lara, Cindy and Gary.
This would be a first with a fellow Taiwanese non-JVR artiste!
Have a listen:

I've always been of the opinion that Jay's forte in music is his ballads and this song did not disappoint. Not to mention that it was a duet, which is always a challenge to write.
Memorable melody and a cool MV story combines to make this a sure favourite during future karaoke sessions for fans.

Article from Asian Pop News:

Behind the scenes:


JVR held the press conference for Bedtime Stories on 17 June 2016, with Matilda Tao once again hosting.
From various online news clips which I went through, it is clear that fatherhood has had an effect on Jay, what with the pop-up storybook and owl music box for the new album.
Not to mention his pajamas-like suit which he wore with his signature coolness and nonchalance. ;)

JVR's vid of the press conference:


Music box USB:

More cute vids and reports:

More pics here:


In conjunction with the release of the album, Jay set forth to be a storyteller on radio, with his good friend Darren supporting with voice effects.

For five nights from 13 to 17 June, both of them covered the following well known stories, tweaking each one with a twist of sorts from the!
And of course each had a lesson or two to impart.
I'm sure everyone is familiar with these famous tales, so I will just indicate the difference from the original below, for the benefit of those who do not understand Chinese.

1. Littel Red Riding Hood: To punish the wolf after he had cut open his tummy to rescue Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandma, they stuffed all fourteen of Jay Chou's albums inside so that it would no longer eat humans and could only listen to Jay Chou's songs.

2. Hansel and Gretel: The witch suffered a less morbid fate.

3. The Ugly Duckling: The hunter whipped out his cellphone and took a wefie with the Ugly-Duckling-turned-Beautful- Swan.

4. The Emperor's New Clothes: no twist here

5. Snow White: Listen for Jay's 'singing'



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