Sunday, 12 June 2016

Jay Chou's MV for Bedtime Stories

JVR released the MV for Bedtime Stories! 

Super love the song AND the MV!

Check out His Royal Diaoness' outfits! 

What can I say but that His Royal Diaoness has once again broken boundaries by setting this MV in the context of what looks like a Victorian era orphanage, with Jay taking on the role of the storyteller scaring his young charges with tales of the unexpected and channelling scenes from horror movies like The Exorcist.

Jay has never been one to shy away from themes based on the fantastical and supernatural, so this MV actually comes as no surprise.
Think vampires in The Era; graveyards in William's Castle; weird creatures and beasts in The Orcs or Dragon Rider; time travel in Piano Sorrow.
He also has a fascination for old-world European culture (perhaps due to his classical music background), clearly shown in his choice of wedding venue and numerous MVs shot in Italy, Prague and England, just to name a few.

The song is catchy with typical Jay Chou rap, hip hop and two sudden classical bridges thrown in for good measure. I probably would not be able to sing it during K sessions but move along with it I certainly will!

Haha...I like one of the comments by a certain Alan Smith on the youtube vid:

"This song should have been called Bedtime Horror Stories"

Couldn't agree more!

NB: I'm attempting to translate the lyrics.
Not easy at all!
Will update when done.

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